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Monday, December 31, 2012

The Orphanage

First of all, I have to say how thankful I am for our agency, West Sands.  And for the fellow adoptive mamas I have recently met through facebook.  They have been a huge help and support already.  One mama said her son was in the same orphanage as Elliana and sent me a few pictures! 

The orphanage is called Selam and is located in Nazret. 
This is the outside of the orphanage.  Pretty, isn't it?

We were told that Elliana wouldn't be moved until after court, but after talking to some of the mamas who are in or have recently been in our place, it seems that sometimes our children are moved over to the transition home without them notifying us.  They just tell all the families they don't move them until after court, because is when they have to move them.  That is when we will start paying for foster care for Elliana to be at the transition house because she will have been declared ours.  This mama also sent me some pictures of the nannies holding her son.  They are full of smiles and giving kisses, so that's nice to see.  She also sent me this picture:
This is a room inside the transition house.  You can see the wall colors. 
Here is a tiny portion of Elliana's referral photo:
Do you see the wall color??? I think our daughter is at the transition home! :)  That makes me very happy!  (And I had to include a little bit of her hair in the picture, too!)
Here are some other photos of the orphanage, and you will notice that all the walls are white:
Very sad there are so many beds in one room, but otherwise I couldn't believe how nice the conditions were.  These are the only photos we have, so I don't know what the other parts of the orphanage look like though.
Several of the people who have visited in the past commented to me:
"If it is the one I'm thinking of it was VERY nice.  They had marble floors and very elaborate woodwork.  The kids were all very nice."
"We walked away saying we could be so happy adopting any of the children! They were all very sweet and well cared for.  The guy who runs it is a very dear man who really wants the best for the children and is so kind."
"We loved the Nazarat orphanage!"
"I remember when we visited Salem Orphanage-I left there feeling very thankful that my son spent his early months there--so clean and staff was friendly."
These are so comforting to read!  It doesn't change how we would love her- no matter where Elliana is from or is staying, but it is so nice to know her conditions are clean and she seems in good hands.
Someone also said they saw kids sitting up and rolling over, which means they are probably getting out of their cribs and possibly getting tummy time!  They still have far less interaction and care than we would want any child to have and still spent far too much time in a crib, but this is still all positive!
Wanted to share this news with you! :)




  1. Wow! It sure seems she IS at the transition home! What a beautiful blessing and answer to prayer! I remember my sister seeing Lukas in the hospital and counting his fingers and toes! Small things but great relief to a momma 1000's of miles away! (Or however far :-)

  2. Such good news from other mamas! It is so nice having pictures to see what it is kinda like! Thanks for sharing!