"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved." Ephesians 1:3-6

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Project 52: January 18-24

Sunday Snapshot:
The last snapshot with four kids under four!
Sunday afternoon we were given the opportunity to see The African Children's Choir in Chandler.  It was a great show put on by these kids and their drive and determination to reach their dreams was inspiring.  To hear these children sing God's word was beautiful.
Tuesday was 50 cent corn dogs at Sonic! That calls for a picnic, right?! We got a bunch of corn dogs (and one chicken sandwich:) and went to a park in Agritopia for a fun night out as a family.

Colt is fearless! He loves going up the stairs and down the slides at the park!
We made homemade finger paint this week.  It was a weird texture that didn't smear very well but the kids still enjoyed getting a little messy and being creative.

Thursday evening I thought I was going out to dinner with just my mom and her friend.  To my BIG surprise, I walked in to find a big table of all of my closest friends.  I was so blown away and it was so special, words can't really even describe it.  My mom had put it all together and the girls had all made arrangements to be there that evening.  So so special! A great way to kick off celebrating turning 30!


Friday night (January 23) was our six year dateiversary! Our first date was a double date with the Larsens to Benihana and Jesturz.  We have been to Jesturz so many times since because we always enjoy it. 
This year we had a dinner at home with the kids, Mimi, and Mrs. Spencer (who drove out here with Mimi) and then left the kids with them and we went out to Jesturz.  Brent was selected (without even raising his hand!) to be the sound guy for one of the skits.  He did a great job!!
Saturday was a very fun filled day!! We started a new tradition with the girls in our family.  We hope to make this an annual tradition with the sisters, moms, mom in laws, and eventually future sister in laws and daughters. 
We started off the morning at T.C. Egginton's for breakfast. 
From there we went to the Premier Outlets in Chandler and once we found a shoe store, everyone bought something!
No one went home empty handed! We called it a success!
And what would be a better way to end a fun filled shopping day than a tea at AJs?
We made it home in time to change into our costumes for my 30th birthday party! It was a movie themed costume party. Brent planned a very fun evening with Buca De Bepo dinner, minute to win it games, and of course cake! It was so perfect.
We make a pretty good Wolverine and Katniss, don't we?
so thankful to be surrounded by my friends

and family

Project 52: January 11-17

Sunday Snapshot:
Everyone finally back to feeling well! Back to a normal routine and playing at the park.


Colt loved the leaves! This is one of my favorite pictures of him
Declan has turned into quite the puzzle lover lately.  Pretty much any spare time he has he wants to do a puzzle.
Wednesday this week we had a messy play date.  The kids finger painted and got very very messy!
Elliana had her re-check this week for her ears.  She still had her double ear infection! While we were waiting in the doctor office we were making funny pictures

The kids got nice big pieces of paper for Christmas.  We've been painting on them a lot!  And of course if the big kids get to paint, then so does the little guy! (with yogurt and food coloring:)


Wait a minute....when did Colt get so big?!
Saturday there was a 'snow day' at the community park. We love our community and the different events that are put on.  The kids had fun! Declan was at an ASU game with Aunt Rissa.

Mimi thought she escaped the snow by visiting us, but I guess not!

Project 52: January 4-10

Sunday Snapshot:
The kids with Aunt Kacia
We celebrated Jackson's fourth birthday on Sunday at the park.
The kids got a new cupcake set for Christmas.  It was fun pretending to make them!

Without a doubt, this is his favorite spot in the house.  He hears this thing open from across the room and comes waddling over to climb up!

Project 52: December 28- January 3

Sunday morning Daddy and the boys headed home from Michigan.  The girls all stayed in Michigan until Monday. 
Literally straight from the airport we went to the doctor because Elliana had been waking up crying, had high fevers, and was complaining of ear aches while in Michigan.  Turns out she had a double ear infection! Poor thing! She did a great job on the flight considering how she felt.
Once we got home from Michigan pretty much everyone got sick.  I had an awful sinus infection and all the kids got variations of colds.  So not many pictures this week!
cousins at Grandma and Tank's house....They all climbed up here like this on their own!
New Year's Eve I gave the kids a bath.  Colt was having a grand ole time bobbing his head and suddenly started crying.  He banged his mouth on the tub and chipped a tooth! It isn't even fully in yet!
New Year's Eve I was in bed at 9:30pm! That's a first.  Either I'm getting old or I really didn't feel well.  Ok, maybe it is a little of both.
Raelynn's doll carrier

Monday, February 9, 2015

Project 52: December 20-29 (Christmas trip to Michigan)

This is our entire trip to Michigan, so it's a few days more than the normal weekly post....
We left our house on Friday night at 10pm to head to the airport for our red eye flight to Detroit.  Mimi and Papa had NO idea we were coming!!! We didn't tell the kids until the night before.  It was a fun week and the best part was surprising them.
unloaded and ready to go into the airport
The circus is coming to town!!
We only had four car seats, two suitcases and several carry ons...
I sat with Colt and Elliana in the row in front of Brent with Declan and Elliana.  We knew they would sleep better in their car seats and it worked so well!
Colt doesn't sleep well in the ergo, and kept pulling at Elliana and keeping her awake...even thought it was 1am, so I put Colt in the car seat and he fell asleep instantly.  Elliana couldn't get comfortable on my lap so she went on the floor and fell asleep instantly and it was a great plane ride!
We landed in Detroit at 6am and the kids waited next to the baggage claim while eating bananas while Brent got the rental van.  We drove up to Mimi and Papa's house and arrived at 10am.
We parked near their house and snuck up quietly and knocked on the door.  It was quite a surprise!!

Saturday afternoon Auntie Dre, Adele, and Isaiah arrived! The kids favorite activity all week was watching the snails and 'nemo' in the fish tank.
Saturday evening we had a Christmas party with Mimi's side of the family.  It has been the first time I several years that we have been there, and the first time for the youngest three kids to be there to meet family.  We had a delicious dinner and then Santa made an appearance!
Declan loves olives!
Elliana was very content on Mimi's lap and had no desire to go sit with Santa

Colt got this little light up ball from Santa and he started walking at the party to go after it!

Sunday when we walked out of church it was snowing.  It wasn't much at all, but the kids were excited.  Raelynn had been talking about how she wanted to eat the snow....so that was the first thing she did!

The kids all had a picnic in the family room and watched Frozen
Raelynn asked for a fire.  The kids wanted to roast marshmallows:)
Hot cocoa with the fire!
We also made lots of Christmas treats...
Someone snagged a chocolate kiss!

Want some cookies with those sprinkles?
We can't make a trip to Michigan without stopping at Bronner's Christmas store.  Especially at Christmas!

We also ate an amazing chicken dinner at Zender's.
family style dinner.  Seriously, one of the best dinners ever.
Declan enjoying his ice cream that had melted
ready to go to Christmas Eve service
After Christmas Eve service we went home and had appetizers and snacks.
It snowed on Christmas Eve! The kids were excited to wake up to snow (obviously not a lot because you can still see the grass)
Christmas stockings
Cousins all together on Christmas morning!
My good friend from college came to visit! So fun to see my friends Sarah and Kala and their son.  Last time we saw them he was two weeks old!
My high school friends were also able to get together at my house while we were home.  25 years of friendship in this picture!
Declan saying good bye to his buddies
Declan and Colt left Sunday with Brent.  I took the girls home on Monday.  We went straight from the airport to the doctor's office and discovered Elliana had a double ear infection! Poor thing had a rough last few days while we were in Michigan.  Even with her pain she did great on the plane.  I think we all got a little nap in on the way home:)