"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved." Ephesians 1:3-6

Saturday, May 31, 2014

5 months!

Colt was 5 months old on May 10!

He weighed 17.8 pounds.  Colt is such a happy little guy.  He had been sleeping so well and then hit a growth spurt and likes to get up at night again.  He had developed a great routine--eat, play, sleep.  Mama wishes he liked to be rocked a bit more, but he likes to just be swaddled and given his paci.  When we try to rock him he fusses but when we put him in his bed he just needs his paci and he is content.  He is always the center of the table in his bumbo.  He loves watching his older siblings and his oldest sister is very good and making him laugh.  He likes to grab the girls' hair though and that doesn't go over so well!


Mother's Day 2014

"Behold, children are a gift of the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward." Psalm 127:3
This year, the Lord has doubled my blessings! I have children who grew in my womb as well as another woman's womb.  The depth of the importance of that is never over looked, especially on mother's day.  I know they don't celebrate mother's day in Ethiopia, but it still causes me to think of and pray for the woman who gave birth to our sweet Elliana. The nine months she carried her and then gave her life. We will never know who this woman is, but we do know the importance she holds in our hearts to our family. I often wonder if she thinks of Elliana.  If she wonders what she is doing or what she looks like. My prayer can only be that God would save her soul and that she be comforted by the Hope of Christ and the peace that her child has been given a life of love.  

We had all the Frazey fam over for lunch after church.  Both of the "moms" being celebrated today love salads, so we had a salad bar!  I was happy I had enough of my pretty fiestaware to hold all the toppings to make a fun display for the toppings.
Mother's day sure is special when your children do things for you....but it is even MORE special when they are so young they need Daddy's help.  Not only do I get to be blessed by my children, but also by the effort and love my husband put into make the day special.
I was served breakfast and coffee upstairs after sleeping in a bit.  (Though that is nothing super out of the ordinary because on Sundays Brent usually always lets me sleep in a few minutes and gets the kids in the bath.  He is so good to me.)
Daddy had taken each child's picture holding the letters L O V E and put it in a frame:) and they made roses that will NEVER die!!!  :)
Brent knew I had wanted to make a growth chart for the kids for well, about three years now, haha.  I've never gotten around to doing-it-myself! So he and the kids made this for me! 
The best part is it has their hand and footprints on it and says "Never Grow Up" because I'm always telling the kids to "stay little" and not to grow up! Yep....it made me cry!

And we had to get a family photo as well:)

Another year. Two more babies. Humbled daily. A LOT of growth and discoveries in mothering. God is the giver of all good things.  I am so grateful.

Project 52: week forty-six

May 3- May 10

My friend Anna and I made this wreath this week!

We went to the zoo!!

We made "paint" for the bathtub...which proved to be a mistake. It was fun, but when kids paint their hair with a flour and water mixture things don't end so well. I was still finding chunks of paint in Raelynn's hair the following week! And it clumped up on the washcloth when I tried to clean them off. I think I will stick to colored shaving cream:)

This little man is the centerpiece of all our meals! 

And he is starting to be on the move more!! He started out on his back playing with the toys.

This darling turned 18 months old this week. So much to tell on her progress. Coming in it's own post!! Here, she is placing these beads on wooden pegs

We had our first swim of the season this weekend! It was also Colt's first time ever.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Made: Easy Butterfly Wreath

Spring has sprung! Here in Arizona it feels like summer to me already. Oh, but it is only 100 so that is still spring;)

Needed a fun bright wreath for spring!! Here is a fun one my friend and I made together.

We followed this tutorial, but of course tweeked it a bit to what we wanted.

I wanted a larger wreath, so I used the foam circle. The other is a straw circle--leave the plastic on! Each was $3 or less at Wally World.

Paint Chips
Hot Glue
1/2 yard of fun fabric
Butterfly punch

We split our 1/2 yard of fabric into 5 sections and then just RIP!

Then cover your wreath foam with the fabric and hot glue the ends closed. 

Next you will start punching out the butterflies on the paint chips.
My friend Ally hard at work:) 
After you like your butterflies and have them placed, start gluing.  I had what I thought was a layout I liked, but then it was all switched around by the time I was done gluing.
And viola! Our finished products:

We were very pleased with the way they turned out! And it sure adds a nice POP to our front doors!
All in all, it was a short project and cost us less than $5!! :)

Project 52: week forty-five

April 27-May 3

Sunday Snapshot:
 I had to include more than one because Elliana is just so animated!!




Sunday night is pizza night around here! This week we took all the supplies over to cousin Jackson and Harper's house!

Elliana and Harper adding the toppings

He goes into the fridge, grabs and apple and brings it to me and then guides me over to the drawer where I keep the slicer.  I don't think it was snack time, but how can I resist that?!

Because errands are always more fun as a family.  People probably think we're crazy because instead of running out alone in peace and quiet we always venture out as a family for diapers at Target.  It's just more fun that way:)

Great Papa left this week to travel back to Michigan for the summer.  It is always so nice to have Papa here in the winter months!

Pancakes.  This picture is a lot more than just pancakes.  It signifies slowing down.  Gathering.  Lingering.  Enjoying.
I'm finding too often I'm in a rush for no reason at all.  Rushing through something to get to the next thing. So Mommy is working on just savoring the day and taking our time getting nowhere.  And that involves pancakes:)
Raelynn has become quite a great pancake flipper!!

Project 52: week forty-four

April 20-26, 2014
Sunday Snapshots:
Elliana was crying the entire time because she wanted something that was on the table
Easter Sunday 2014 



Still waiting for our grass to grow in the backyard, so the playset is on the cement porch.  I've been draping a sheet over to make a little fort--and I looked out and saw this:)

My boys.

Still swaddling Colt.  Still in bassinet. But he is starting to escape and outgrow his sleeping space!

Mr. Blue eyes is teething!

Three things this boy doesn't put far out of reach these days:  the little green bouncy ball, Mickey, and his hat
(and the Animal Wildlife cards are also a favorite--and they are from when Mommy was a little kid!!)

Putting a bow on Colt:)


My twins.  Never far from each other.
Saturday we had a women's tea at church.  Raelynn wore her pretty princess dress.  The story is cute: I was planning to have her just wear a pretty dress.  Brent had mentioned to her that she was going to get "dressed up" for the tea.  So that morning she announces to me how excited she is to "put on a costume" because Daddy told her she was going to get "dressed up" :) Then I remembered she did have that costume from Halloween and figured it was another chance to wear it and knew she'd love to! She even got to wear her pretty princess shoes (which normally stay inside) and mommy's special add-a-pearl necklace from when she was a girl.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

My Mommy Minute: May 20

Practicing Humility as Young Mothers by Jessalyn Hutto

Mirror, Mirror by Wendy at Re:flect-I

When Motherhood Doesn't Come Naturally by Jessalyn Hutto at Desiring Virtue

Soul Food for Mom by Gloria Furman at Desiring God

Easter 2014

Happy Easter! Only a month late:)  Not a lot of words needed--the pictures can do the talking!
Our fun family tradition each Easter weekend is the Frazey picnic.  It's been fun to invite our friends over the past couple years and watch the kids participate.
 I always enjoy looking back at events and comparing the changes over the years....




2013 (just days before we would travel to Ethiopia)


Saturday--Easter picnic and egg hunt:
Eating breakfast

Raelynn next to Tank while he tells the story of Jesus dying on the cross using the resurrection eggs
Some family pictures:

We get one of the brothers and their kiddos each year!
After the picnic we went to Grandma and Tank's house to dye eggs!
Elliana enjoyed coloring the eggs with crayon

These two enjoyed dropping the eggs in and getting messy!

Declan was a pro!

Sunday- Easter Sunday--The most glorious day!!!

Resurrection Sunday! HE IS RISEN!
They really wanted a picture on the bench! Toddlers sure love routine.
After going to church with Grandma and Tank, we all went to Kyle and Ashley's house for Easter brunch and Minute to Win It games:

Easter 2014


Grandma Helen and Colt

Declan hunting for eggs


Our family is pretty awesome:)  So much fun!!