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Monday, December 30, 2013

He's Here! He's Here!

Colt Michael Frazey
Born December 10, weighing 10 pounds 1 ounce and 21.75 inches long

His expected due date was November 29.  Of course, "they" say that a baby isn't really 'late' until two weeks after the due date.  But boy, it sure is hard to wait for them to come once that due date passes!  The OB was fine with waiting, though she was fine with inducing as well.  I knew I wanted to wait until at least a week after--thinking there was no way he would really wait that long! 
But he did.  So I scheduled to be induced on Monday, December 9. (we actually had an appointment for Tuesday but they wanted me to change it to Monday, so we did.) The appointment was for 3pm. 
At 2pm the phone rang and they said it was the hospital calling regarding my appointment. I freaked, thinking I was late!  But they were calling to tell me there was no bed available for me and we'd have to just wait for a phone call....
Fast forward to 9pm and no phone call.  I was having some contractions.  Mimi and Papa were at the house, thinking they were going to need to spend the night but since we hadn't received a phone call yet, we didn't know what to do.  Should they stay or go? Could we get a call at 2am to go in? We just didn't know.
So I called the hospital.  They said I was next up to be called and they definitely were going to be calling me that night, so to just come in at 10pm.
Now to make this a long story short....I was having contractions but they slowed down after a while.  I was dialated to 5cm when I arrived at the hospital.  I had to have the dose of penicillin before delivering, which takes 4 hours.  So they didn't start Pitocin until 3:30am.  It started slow, then they up it every 30 minutes (so there went my last full night sleep for um....a long time). At 6:30am the doctor broke my water.  Contractions got real hard real fast.  7am I got the epidural (I knew going in I wasn't going to be a super hero this time around! I had learned from my last two deliveries that my body just needs that epidural to not fight against itself. ) It only took 2 hard contractions for me to say I think it was time for the epidural. I was nervous to get it so early because I knew I could handle hard labor for a while because I had done  it in the past.  But I also knew that my body wouldn't get any further in progression, so I didn't want to wait. 
At 7:30am I thought I was going to die.  Maybe an exaggeration...but not really.  There were times I had to open my eyes just to make sure I still could.  My epidural had numbed my throat and face and I couldn't swallow and felt like I couldn't breath.  Very scary feeling.  Blood pressure dropped and I got a fancy schmancy oxygen mask to wear.  Oh, I threw up too.  How could I forget that!?
Finally a bit later (felt like a long time, but I honestly have no idea how long it was) I started to feel better.  They think it happened because I was laid on my back too flat for too long so the epidural spread to my upper body. It was awful and I was so happy when I could finally see straight again.
Then they finally checked me again and I was further dialated, I think to about a 7.  So then I hung out on the peanut ball for a while on each side.  Next thing I know the doctor comes in and checks me and says "Yep, let's try it."  I couldn't believe it was time!!!  Both of the other deliveries were over 24 hours of labor and several shifts of nurses. This time around felt so fast! It was really a breeze compared to the others.  Epidural, as awful as you treated me this time around, you really are my best friend:)
So the 'push playlist' started and about 40 minutes later our son was born! He entered this world to the theme song from Rocky (Gonna Fly Now). 
Here are some pictures:)
Holding Colt for the first time

Yeah, he was pretty blue.  But he got a 9 on the apgar! :) And he isn't blue anymore;)

So thankful for my husband--no doubt he is the best labor coach! And I think he was pretty happy he didn't even have to give me any massages or tell me how to breath this time around.

There he is--all ten pounds!

Our family of six

Raelynn and Declan meeting their brother

Grandparents and family that arrived just after Colt's birth


Found his thumb!

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  1. What a beautiful story! Patience and waiting makes you all the more thankful!! Epidural or not, you are still a super hero!! :)