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Monday, December 8, 2014

Project 52: November 23-29

Sunday Snapshot:
Mimi and Papa are here with us!!

Declan and Raelynn had a sleep over at Mimi and Papa's house so I was able to take Elliana and Colt on a special date to McDonald's to play in the toddler area and get a cookie:) Those little outings are so special.  In fact, because the kids were taking turns spending the night away, we got a lot more one on one time (or on two time) than normal and decided we need to actually schedule dates out for the kids with us.  Having those special times really lets their personality come out, especially in our younger kids who are usually a bit overpowered by their oldest sister:)
enjoying her cookie!
This was later in the week when Brent took a day off and we took just the boys to Chick-Fil-A because the girls were over to Mimi's house.

My little monkey! Climbing on everything!

Colt and I were taking selfies to send to auntie Dre while we were reading a book she gave him. :)

Reading with Papa
Mimi did manicures for the girls:)
Declan lined all his cars up to read a book with us:)

We went to Winco on Wednesday for some last minute Thanksgiving groceries and on the way out the kids asked Brent to get a ball.  We happened to have some change, so we said yes! Brent got one!! The kids were far less excited than me, as I literally jumped and yelled "You got one!!!" because they didn't quite get that these claw machines are hard work! I think they assume it's like a gumball machine--just put in the quarter and get the prize.  It was a fun moment for us all:)

Thanksgiving Day:
swinging at the park while Daddy plays football

Eating at their own table at Grandma and Tank's for lunch

The kickball game--so fun!!! The toddlers were playing too, so it was a lot of fun.

The day after Thanksgiving we moved into Christmas mode! Mimi read the story "The Gingerbread Boy" to the kids and we made gingerbread cookies.  We also did some crafts in the following weeks.
aprons on all ready to bake their cookies!
That evening we put up the Christmas tree, turned on the Christmas music and enjoyed hot chocolate!
Only two bulbs were broken!
It took them a while to sip their hot chocolate....I decided maybe I should give them some in the mornings when I want to just sit and drink my entire cup of coffee

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  1. Climbing Colt! :) I remember Declan climbing everywhere and into everything at this age too! What a patience mimi to paint their nails! :) Switching to Christmas mode looked like a blast!!! Love their little aprons too!