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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Project 52: March 22-28

We spent the morning a neighborhood park and the kids were finding these little balls in the sand.  What started out as them hoarding and fighting over these little balls turned out to be a beautiful encouragement and fun time for us all.  We ended up walking all around the park to find more and the teens in our neighborhood must play a lot of airsoft here because we found a lot!  There were times the kids were having a hard time spotting one so I would point it out and was encouraged by Raelynn's selfless generosity to say one of her siblings could pick that one up.  Or when Declan and Elliana's cups spilled on different occasions watching the kids help each other pick them up so joyfully.  God is in us and is with us and is so kind to show me beauty in the simple and mundane.

We celebrated Grant and Garrett's birthday this week! The last of the March birthdays!
The kids know that the boys play with those little balls they collected so they were excited to give the balls to them.  While at the park Declan also found a little nerf gun bullet and knows that he has seen those at Grant and Garrett's house as well, so he was so excited to save it and give it to them!

The new play set peeks over the wall a little bit.  Sometimes I will take just one child with me to walk to the mailbox and the others will stand on the 'look-out' and shout and wave.  Oh, if this photo only had sound.  Our poor neighbors.....

busy and helpful hands:)


just caught them sitting so sweetly in the chair together reading books.  And they even smiled when I came up to take a picture to capture the moment! yay!

I took each single twist and split it to make two twists.  Loving this style!

Elliana loves that she can reach the swing and twist herself up to spin around

Kevin, Eric, and Brent at a church basketball tournament on Saturday

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  1. Sweet stories of your kids in this post! It's great when the reminder after reminder to think of others gets through! What a great picture of Raelynn and Declan! Sweet sweat band Brent! Love Kevin's hot pink knee socks too! haha!