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Sunday, July 26, 2015

Project 52: June 14-20

Sunday Snapshot:
a picture with Daddy before his flight


Raelynn requested I get in the picture too:)
On Sunday afternoon we dropped Daddy off to the airport for his business trip.  He was gone all week and we picked him back up on Friday. 
We kept busy this week with Raelynn at Vacation Bible School each morning and me taking the other three on errands and out for cookies and tea while she was there. 
We also kept our evenings busy by going out for treats practically every night!
Most mornings we sent daddy a good morning picture!

This week we had a special treat of all gathering in mommy's bed while daddy was away.  Each night I would go in and get someone to come in bed with me.  Then in the morning we all piled on! Usually Daddy is working in the corner of the room so we have never done this before.  Watching Daniel Tiger in the bed was a treat for all of us--mama included:)
Colt loves his sisters' dress up shoes! And he is pretty good at getting them on and walking in them.


We took the cousins out for a free brownie sundae at Buca Di Bepo this week while Daddy was away.  It was quite the time with all of us!

Since VBS is right around the corner from AJ's we went there several times in the week for a tea and cookie treat:)
One evening we went to Slickables in downtown Mesa for ice cream cookie sandwiches. So good!

One day while Raelynn was at VBS the other kids built a very long tunnel.  I was pretty impressed!



Target practice! One day while Raelynn was at VBS I needed something from the Dollar Store so we went in and I let the kids choose a water squirter and we had fun with them that afternoon
The Target Dog......

This time we didn't get out of the cart.  Can you tell someone wasn't happy?
But of course, silly face picture will always cheer someone up!



Sonic had half price shakes one evening so I took the kids. 

The best was how content Colt was with just the oversized water cup with ice.  He would drink, put it back up on the table, clap, and smile.  Repeat.


Friday evening Raelynn had the performance for VBS:


Saturday we went to a local pool for some family time


I had a feeling that I was pregnant the entire week, but I showed a lot of self control to wait until Brent was home to test.  So Saturday morning I had a meeting and on the way home I picked up a test.  Two lines quickly appeared! That evening we got blizzards from Dairy Queen and told the kids the exciting news.  Another baby Frazey coming to make this life even crazier in February!

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  1. A whole week without Daddy is hard! :( But you were smart to keep busy to keep the time enjoyable and you said! :) Lots of treats is a good way to go too! :) Love that the kids got special time with you in bed too! I bet they loved that! That is one impressive tunnel the kids made! That pool looks so refreshing!! :)
    And YAY...another Frazey baby!! Praying for your pregnancy!