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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Decision and New Number

Tonight we got a call.  No, it wasn't the call....but I did think it was for a moment.  And for a moment my heart skipped a beat.  I can't explain the feeling I got when I heard "Hi Allison, this is Sheila from West Sands Adoption Agency." Whoa. When I get that feeling  when I hear those words, I know this means we are so close.

So, if it wasn't the call, then what was the call? Why is it significant enough to write a blog post about?

Our agency wanted to discuss our requested age range with us. We originally selected the age range of 0-9 months with no preference for a boy or girl.  That was fine until now.  Until Mr. Declan made his arrival and is now 3 months old.  The agency said that they will support us whatever our decision, but that they suggest and 'best practice' suggests that there be at least a 6 month gap between the child and the children currently in the house.

So, she suggested that we broaden our range from 0-12 or 0-14 months.  It doesn't guarantee that our child will be in that older range, but it does open up that possibility.  Children do not get referred younger than 5-6 months and they don't want to make us wait longer than we already have.  If we wait for the child to be on the younger side of Declan, then we'd have to wait until he is almost a year old...another 9 months from now. 

So we were faced with a decision. Change the age range or just wait and let all the children for the next nine months go to another family.  This is one of the first 'issues' to come up in the process. (Which is awesome, by the way! Praise God!)
Remember when we wanted to do a domestic adoption so we could bring our baby straight home from the hospital at just days old and that would be the 'easiest'? Then, we decided that was selfish on our part.  We could not ignore that God was calling us to international adoption, even though would mean a little older child. Well, here is a new little milestone to remember.  We're taking God's leading down the path He has for us and opening up our age range to 0-14 months. 

As I mentioned, it doesn't mean that we'll be certain to get an older child, but it just opens up the possibility.  If God has planned that we get a younger baby, then that will happen regardless of our new range.  Or maybe He is just trying to stretch us yet again to be open to His will. Providentially, we visited with a family who just adopted a 21 month old boy tonight. Literally, we were late for dinner because I was on the phone with the agency!  Not that we could base our decision on this, but we did think it was neat how God timed that for us.

So what did we base our decision on? These kids need love and a family whether they are infants or toddlers. We have our plan set in our mind, but the Lord is directing our steps.  We could not say no when thinking of these little children that need us.  They are the least of these.  The fatherless.  The weak.  They are His and we have the privilege of being entrusted with their hearts and lives.
What is the difference in a couple of months? Nothing that we can't overcome with the strength and grace of our God.  His grace is sufficient for us and we can do all things through Him.  Sure, maybe it would be easier to get a younger child.  But I know I've said it before....adoption isn't easy.  It's hard.  We have a hard road ahead and we shouldn't deny that.  And we definitely shouldn't run from it and hide because we're scared.  Instead we will trust in the Lord.  God is good all the time.  All the time, my God is good. And I know He will do all things for my good and for His glory.  This life we live is all for Him and as He directs, we will go.

Now here is the other exciting news....when I asked what number we were currently at..she said #2! BUT, she wasn't sure if the one family ahead of us was requesting a girl or had no preference.  If they are requesting a girl only, and a boy comes up, then we are NEXT! (or vice versa)
So now that we are so close it's more like we're #2 but possibly #1! (They don't share those details with us about the families ahead of us.  This means we're #2 overall, but really could be #1 on the 'no gender preference' list).  WOW!  We are so close! The next post we write could be with photos of our little one!!!!!
**Update:  Spoke with agency and the family ahead of us is waiting on either gender, 0-2 years old.  But they are working on paperwork right now.  If a referral comes before they are finished, then the referral will go to us.  However, if the child is not 6 months older than Declan, we will be skipped. 

So for now we continue to wait.....and update our homestudy. again.

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  1. So exciting!! All part of the journey :-)