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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BFIAR: Goodnight Moon

Book: Goodnight Moon by Margaret Wise Brown
Ages: 38 and 20 months
Bible verse: Psalm 127:2b "for He gives to His beloved sleep."  and discuss how God cares for us while we are sleeping. 

I knew this book was always a children's classic, but honestly I just always thought it was kind of a strange book.  Then when we rowed it with Before Five In A Row, I saw it in a whole new light:)

First of all, all three of my toddlers loved it!!! Also, there are so many fun things to do with the book that we didn't even get to them all.  And there are other nursery stories that can be introduced through the reading of Goodnight Moon. 

We also found these books at the local library and they were a hit as well!
Resources for Goodnight Moon:
Two-Daloo's 5 goodnight moon activities for toddlers

Goodnight Moon Lapbook

Homeschool Creations

We used the printable object cards in many ways:
-Retelling the story
-Locate the picture in the book
-Match the picture to a real life object in our house
-Sort the ones that were in the book or not in the book
Matching the pictures to the objects in the book

"Three Little Bears Sitting on Chairs"
We used the printables and the ipad to learn the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Fine Motor Skills and Vocabulary Development:
Taped pictures onto a cookie sheet and covered with salt.  Raelynn enjoyed moving the salt with her paint brush and it was definitely a challenge to use slow, controlled movements to keep the salt on the tray while revealing the picture.
The Red Balloon:
Making Baked Cotton Balls that were the 'red balloons'
I let the kids do it all, so there was a lot of excess flour mixture on the tray. I recommend coving the ball and letting extra drip off first. 

They had fun smashing the balls as well as just picking them apart.
The Cow Jumped Over the Moon:
Coloring pictures for the story of Hey Diddle Diddle.  We also watched it on the ipad of course.
Moon Phases
For this we only did full, half, and cresent moon....but when oreos are involved, we all enjoy the activity:)

We also hung up little pieces of felt clothes I had made (we couldn't seem to find any mittens here;) on a clothesline to go with "a pair of mittens" and "a pair of socks"

We read and sang and watched the videos for the nursery rhyme Two Little Kittens Who Lost Their Mittens to go with "two little kittens" in the story.
We pretended our oatmeal was a "bowl of mush"
Compared a "comb" and "brush" and also learned that a "pair" equals 2.

We also made some clocks and they enjoyed this clock puzzle.  Didn't work on telling time at all, but helped with number recognition as well as just understanding there are times for things and we pointed out the clocks in the house. 

And as an added bonus, there was a beautiful eclipse while we were reading this book so the moon was amazing this week!! :)

I had many more things planned, but I find that after a week even if we don't get to it all I'm a bit burnt out from reading the same book every day! So we moved on.

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  1. Great way to get Oreo's in there learning!!
    I guess I never read this book either!!