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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Project 52: April 19-25

Sunday Snapshots:
make room for Auntie Dre on the bench!

a picture to send to mom!

Saw an opportunity to take a picture of Auntie Dre reading to the kids and Elliana thought it was a picture of her:)

Sunday afternoon Andrea and I went to AJ's again for tea and petite fours.  Growing up we always enjoyed petite fours so this was a special treat.  We were laughing because we didn't realize they can come in different shapes and sizes.  This one is much larger than the ones we always ate!


enjoy red vines:)

Brent surprised me with a camera as an early mother's day gift so I could take it to Disneyland.  I haven't had a camera in a long time and my phone doesn't take very good quality, so I was so surprised and excited!! It has a lot of features including a 'continuous shot' mode so I was playing around with it.  I have the entire series of photos from this kissing exchange between auntie Dre and Raelynn.  I only chose these few cute pictures but the whole series was so adorable!

Monday morning we took Andrea to the airport and we are just anticipating the next time we can see her, which we aren't sure when that will be yet!

One of my favorite pictures of him.  Love all those little gaps in his teeth and how he loves to smile!

enjoying the glider! (Elliana loves wearing her "Elsa Dress" which is pajamas!)

 Wednesday night we had pictures taken for Grandma to update her framed picture of the six grandkids.  Here are some of my favorite pictures:


Thursday night we took the kids to a coinstar machine to cash in their piggy banks.  It was a really big deal to them because we had told them a while ago that they needed to save their money for Disneyland.  Since then, they have worked hard to do extra things to earn money as well as search in couches and even maybe empty out their aunt's piggy banks.  Since it was close to our time to leave for our trip we cashed it in and told them they could buy a souvenir.  It's amazing how that change adds up!



The kids are currently obsessed with eating 'whole apples'.  Not apple slices.  They request 'whole apples'.  They keep them busy for a while and Colt does well with them, too.  He can actually say "apple" very well now!

This week the kids collected some pinecones at the park so we made birdfeeders with peanut butter and birdseed.

Friday night we had our first 'repeaters' for Friday Night Meatballs.  We were happy to have our friends over one more time before they welcome their new baby girl to the world.

Mr. Howard with the girls and his son Kaleb

Colt is really growing up lately! He is talking a little and saying 'vroom' when he plays with his cars, which is something he really loves to do.




Summer is here!! We've been eating a lot of watermelon....


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  1. YAY for a new camera!! That is exciting!! I am surprised you went this long without one other than your iPhone! Great cousin pictures!! Love the big deal the coinstar was! How fun!! Good for them for saving up! Bird feeders with pinecones! Fun!! Love the watermelon pictures!!