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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Project 52: week nineteen

October 27-Nov 2

Sunday Snapshot:

Raelynn loves holding Elliana!
Then she wanted her little brother to join them too:)

Big milestone this week for Raelynn---she moved to her big girl bed!  We know that baby brother will be here soon and that means we need another crib! We plan to keep him in our room for a little while, but if he is anything like his "BIG" brother he will outgrow the bassinet by one month of age and need to go to a crib.  Whenever we do move him to a crib, we plan to buy Raelynn a real toddler bed and convert this back to a crib.  But we figured we should get her used to the idea before that happens. 
She LOVES it and has been doing SO well!!  The very first night we went in to check on her before we went to bed and she had fallen asleep with her hand holding on to the railing.  She always sings herself to sleep at night but for the first few nights in her big girl bed she was silent.  We said it must be so exciting to her she couldn't even relax to sing.  She loves getting in and out by herself and she even attempts to make her bed in the morning:)

Daddy took Declan on his very first bike ride this week!  Last year he was too young to sit in the bike seat.  We said we'll probably have to get another bike for mommy with one of those little tote behind carriers soon.

Pretty much anytime the kids are awake they want to be outside.  I put Elliana in the car and Declan and Raelynn fight over who can push her.  Elliana loves it of course and I think they love it because she is much easier to push than each other.
 Raelynn loves wearing mommy's flip flops.  And it's funny because I forget how literal a 2 year old is.  I have her change into play clothes when she goes outside (which she was calling 'legos' for a couple days--apparently I wasn't speaking clearly. ha) and she knows that she can get her play clothes dirty.  So typically she will go out and pour some dirt on herself and say "look mommy, I got my play clothes dirty because you said I could!"

 Elliana had a good week.  We had a wedding on November 1, so we left her with a dear friend who offered to babysit for us.  It was the first time leaving her with someone who isn't family.  She did great! Last week Grandma and Tank came over so we could have a date night and they put her to bed (first time for that!).  We know we need to get her used to that for when we are in the hospital with baby brother.
She is pretty much off pureed foods now completely.  She eats slow and is easily distracted, but she is eating well. 

This little patch didn't grow grass for some reason.  It ended up being a wonderful thing because it's like a little sandbox for the kids! It's Declan's favorite spot:)

This boy looks WAY too big here!!!  

Wednesday we went to Grandma and Tank's for LJ's pizza (YUM!) and pumpkin carving!  Daddy pretty much did all the work, but it was fun:)

Thursday was Halloween so we went to get candy with Jackson and Harper.  A full post with more pictures is posted in a separate post:)

On Saturday we celebrated Elliana's first birthday!! She will be one on November 10, but we wanted to do a small celebration with family and Nov 2 was a day that worked, even though it was a little early.  It was a fun time celebrating her life and I'm so glad she was here with us for her first birthday! More pictures in another post!


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