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Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tot School: Fruit of the Spirit (Faithfulness, Gentleness, and SelfControl)

We are finished learning about the Fruit of the Spirit! We didn't do a lot this week again for a few reasons.  Mama didn't really feel like it, it's so nice outside so we spend most days in the backyard, and there weren't a lot of ideas I had for faithfulness and gentleness to teach a two year old.
Fruit Focus: Faithfulness, Gentleness, Self Control
Verses: Faithfulness: Psalm 33:4 
             Gentleness: Proverbs 15:1 and 1 Peter 3:3-4
             Self Control: 2 Tim 1:7
Age: 33 months
playing outside together!
We numbered all the cars and made 'parking spots' for them outside with numbers.  This was fun!

Adding her grapes to her 'caterpillar'

We didn't really do much at all for this.  Just colored the new fruit for the tree, colored pictures of the fruit, and cut fruit.  I stressed to her how God is faithful to love us even when we disobey.  That was about the extent of our faithfulness chat since anything else would've confused her.

finger painting this week!
cutting practice with plastic fruit

Elliana enjoys her new bead maze
This was GREAT to learn about right before a new baby enters our home!  We made a 'stress ball' with a balloon and flour.  She had fun showing the me the differences between being rough (pounding it on the table) and being gentle (slowly kneading it) and also how we can't put our mouth on it or it would break.

She was being GENTLE with her doll.  Declan was an onlooker for this, so it is good for him to learn this too.  Although he is my gentle giant:)
 And being not so gentle...
 giving baby doll soft kisses on her feet
 Smothering baby with kisses (and I think she was biting her too!) She had a blast with this!
 And when we were done....Declan grabbed baby and started giving her kisses:)  (he hasn't learned to pucker yet...he is not biting, he is actually being gentle)
Self Control:
The last fruit of the Spirit didn't require much teaching because Raelynn has been learning about self control for quite a while now.  She hears those words very frequently.
But again, we had fun acting out the opposite of self control.  She got to spin around and go crazy and did a great job of stopping when I told her to show self control.  She thought it was a lot of fun!
I also realized I needed to do a better job of having her memorize God's Word.  We had been working on memorizing the fruit of the Spirit for the past couple weeks, but I think I can start adding more to it.  We had been doing a verse a week but got away from it. A child's mind is so receptive and she seems to have a better memory than anyone I know!
Here she is with her two verses.  2 Tim 1:7 she learned that day (with added motions) and the fruit of the Spirit we have been working on.  She finally got all but one! She always forgets gentleness.  I was still very pleased with her efforts and it makes me so happy to hear God's Word coming from her mouth.

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  1. Those gentle baby pictures are great! So sweet! They will all love the newest little brother so much!!
    I enjoyed your Fruit of the Spirit tot school! She did great with the verses too! Good for her. Good for you for teaching and reviewing!