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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tot School: Fruit of the Spirit (Peace, Patience)

Tot School: Fruit of the Spirit, letter review
Fruit focus: Peace, Patience
Age: 33 months

This was the second week learning the fruit of the Spirit.  Weather is so lovely outside and all three kids LOVE being outside, so we spent a lot of the days outside.  Actually, pretty much if they are awake they want to be outside:)

We did get a few things in though!

Monday we made banana bread.  This was an activity to do with our bananas for JOY that we never got to last week.  But banana bread is always good to make:)
Mommy's helper!

Now every time she gets a banana she makes a 'smile' :)
Declan sat here while we baked. 

file folder shadow matching game

 This week Raelynn used water colors for her fruit and coloring page

 We counted apples to put on the tree then counted as we filled the bucket.  Then she wanted the pig to come along and eat some.

Great sorting activity that she is able to do completely independently. It's little pieces of fruit, so I thought it worked well for this week!

Declan always wants to do what big sis is doing and I just feel so bad not including him...but I wasn't ready to let him use a paint brush! So he got a dot marker....and soon his face was yellow:)  glad they are non toxic!


We talked about making peace and going out to look for peace amid hard situations...for a 2 year old this is pretty hard to understand.  She doesn't know what war or fighting is.  She can't even really understand what it means to have a peace and calming in our heart.  So we didn't do a whole lot with this topic.
Read the story of Jesus calming the storm from our Jesus Story Bible

 After reading the story, which she can recite and understand very well, we made a 'boat' and created a storm in the bathtub.  She had fun making waves and then saying "hush!" to calm the storm.

Capital/Lowercase review:

I had my first "I'm going to crumble this up and throw it away mid-way through' experience! I cut out capital and lowercase letters for F, L, J (not p since they look the same!) and planned to have Raelynn sort and glue.   We started with F. She did great and glued for a while, but then was bored of it.  And I realized teaching lowercase is so confusing! She must be thinking "I already learned what an F is--why are you telling me this is an f now?" and since she doesn't understand the importance of capital letters and when to use them, that only adds to the confusion. Anyway....we quit gluing and just sorted a few of the other letters by hand then I just threw them away!  Gotta follow the lead of the child.
 Raelynn wanted to use her dot markers.  I was so impressed that she colored all these fruit with the correct colors! Even a lemon, which we never really use.  It showed that she took thought and care in doing it (in comparison to other days when she has just scribbled all over the page or water colored all the fruit black)

We read the story of Abraham, Sarah, and Isaac in the Jesus Story Bible.  Again, hard story for a 2 year old to understand since she doesn't really realize how long Abraham waited for a child.  But she did understand that we have been waiting many months for baby brother to develop inside mommy and soon he will be here.  Before we read the story I brought out some candy and told her she would have to wait to eat it. That is a VERY practical way for a 2 year old to show patience!  It was cute because when I told her we were going to talk about the fruit of patience I asked her if she ever hears mommy and daddy tell her to be patient.  She said "Yes, when I have to wait for food." :)

she finally got to eat the candy:)


 After reading the story, she made a picture of the stars.  When she explained to her daddy what the picture was she said "These are the stars.  There are too many for Raelynn to count." 

Once again, little brother wanted to be included! He had a fun time smearing around the white paint

This is a fun game of Fruit Bingo by Melissa and Doug.  She really likes to play this and it was perfect to play while learning the fruit of the Spirit!

Reviewing letters with her leapfrog alphabet toy

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