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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

BFIAR: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear?

Book: Jesse Bear, What Will You Wear? By: Nancy White Carlstrom

Age: 35 months

Day 1:
We read the book, which we have had from the library for a little while now, so Raelynn already had some of it memorized.  She really enjoys this book.  Even though she doesn't understand the concept of rhyming words I could tell she was picking up on them.

Jesse Bear's Healthy Lunch:


Paper Bear Dress Up:
Talked about the weather here and what he should wear.  Then we discussed how it's so cold where Mimi and Auntie Dre live (hehehehe) and what he should wear there.  Then she played with them and change the clothes around and was showing some imagination about where he was going and what he would do.

Teddy Graham Snack and Sort:
I traced the bear from the dress up doll and made two bears for sorting.  Always a bonus when the activity is edible:)

and I even came up with this one on my own:)

Did Eat/Didn't Eat:
A sorting activity of what Jesse Bear did or didn't eat in the story. Printable from Homeschool Creations

Day 2:
Read the book. Talked about roses and the different types of flowers.

Jesse Bear's Snack:
She had everything that Jesse did except for the sprouts. I could have found them I'm sure, but didn't feel like searching with four kids in tow:)
This was fun! She looooved the pear juice! First time she has had canned fruit so I'm sure it was extra sweet! Later she was asking for a Jesse Bear snack again.

Tot School Notebook:

All from Homeschool Creations
Again, I traced the bear from the dress up doll and wrote a number on the belly. She counted beans on each bear.
Another idea of my own:)

Day 3:
I saw this idea on Intentional Homeschool
Amazing how well something holds her attention and interest when there is food involved...especially candy! No tracing here...I hand drew these bears (or do they look like something else? Ha) for this activity, which was a hit! I saw the idea here and didn't have a printable, so I just made it quickly. 

First she colored
Then she sorted

Last she counted and ate some too!
Day 4:
We don't have a sandbox. We did go to the park and play in the sand, but I thought a sand sensory puzzle box would tie in well. This is sand from Clearwater beach in Florida, where we went on our honeymoon:)
Day 5:
Focus on clothes and some other fun fine motor activities:
And this is the attention of a toddler---nice and neat (semi neat anyway) on the first page she did (on left) then she paid no attention to the color of the lines on the second page she did (on right).  We didn't do the third page:)
We had tilapia that came in packages then were wrapped in this foam tray.  It wasn't yucky since the fish was wrapped.  She LOVED this and it held her attention for quite a while!!!  She just poked and traced.  I even had to write more designs at the bottom later that day.

this printable is from Homeschool Share.  I only did the first few letters of the alphabet for now.  Matching capital and lowercase. She really has no knowledge of these yet, so I was telling them to her as we went.

Hanging clothes...And there is the little brother "drinking" out of the cup that holds the clothespins! haha

I used small clothespins this time and they worked MUCH better for her! She did great!

Raelynn gets all the credit for discovering this fine motor activity---she was pinching the clothespins onto the shag carpet:)


  1. There are so many great printable for this book! That is wonderful! Looks like a fun week! Nice job on the Teddy Graham idea!!
    Glad the kids got to use your clothes pin busy bag too! And Raelynn is as creative as her mommy with the shag carpet clothes pinning!

  2. So cute! Way to go on thinking up your own things :) I cannot wait til she visits us in the snow sometime!