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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Project 52: week twenty-nine

Dec 29-January 4

Sunday Snapshot:

All four on the bench! :) 

Daddy is so much fun!

Colt will never know what quiet is.  He will also think it is normal to be poked in the face and have either curly blonde hair or a dog's beard in his face...
But I do love how all three kids marvel over him.  They are very interested and affectionate toward him.  I would say that is better than resenting this new creature that came into our house and takes up a lot of mommy's time!

Colt is doing GREAT! He is still sleeping most of the day, which makes things easy for us.  I do get tied down to the chair a lot of the day to feed him, but other than that he is sleeping.  If he isn't sleeping then he is fussy and just needs to be held until he falls asleep.  He is sleeping 3-4 hours stretches at night which helps mama function during the day.  I can't imagine if he were up all night.  Very thankful for his schedule--hopefully it stays!

Elliana is doing marvelous.  She is SO close to walking!!  She pulls herself up and cruises.  She also stands by herself without pulling up on a couch. She likes to push walking toys around the house.  She can walk while holding onto our hands.  She also took one step this week while standing alone! She stands for about 5-8 seconds all alone and seems to be showing more interest in walking each day.
She is doing so well at developmental toys and activities.  She likes to put puff balls in a hole, play piano, and LOVES to sing.  (Well, she listens to me sing and she does some hand motions.  Itsy bitsy spider is her favorite)
Her whining has decreased so much now that she can sign the word 'please'.  That has been helpful!
She is eating like a champ and drinking out of a sippy cup---YAY! I was finally able to pack up all the bottles and nipples now.  I am so glad I don't have to wash a billion of those each day anymore:)
Elliana is a joy.  Just so much fun.  She loves to laugh and play, yet she is also happy to look through a book on her own or go play with a toy. We think she is doing great!
Friday night Daddy took the two older kids to Casa Grande to pick up a fridge from Grandma Helen.  (SUCH a blessing to have extra freezer space! And some extra fridge space for all the gallons of milk we buy) Colt was sleeping so I got to enjoy some sweet one on one time with Elliana.  We decided it was a good time to braid her hair:)  She didn't shed one tear!!! It was a sloppy first time effort, but gave me some good practice.
My big helper!! She did a load all by herself:) I just had to start the water.

Elliana climbed up on top of this table all by herself!!! (And of course Raelynn thought she should copy her)

Cute story I don't want to forget:
This week the kids were all playing outside. As I was going to go upstairs to put Declan down for a nap, Rae says "It's ok. Mama, I will make sure Elliana doesn't get hurt. I will take care of Elliana and Colt."   Ahhh....she is such a little mommy:)  I also looked over as I was doing the dishes and saw her in the chair with a neck pillow (her little boppy) nursing her baby doll:) 

3 weeks old this week--and when he is fully stretched out he is almost out of room!

Declan sure loves his little brother!!  He is always looking after him and trying to give kisses or shove a paci in his face
The second Colt goes on the floor everyone huddles around!  It's cute though:)  Definitely can't leave unsupervised.  This week he had white all over his face when I came back from upstairs.  Brent said (he was down with the kids) that Raelynn had tried to feed him milk from a sippy cup! Oh dear!


This was happening! All kids occupied and happy:) It was the first week of me being 'alone' with the kids since Daddy has gone back to work.  We managed to get in a few activities and moments like this make me very happy:)

Taking a break from playing outside for a snack.  They love their new table and so do I! It is so cute to see them all just sitting together eating a snack with their little feet dangling:) I'm sure many memories will be made around this table.



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