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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Project 52: week thirty-one

January 11-18

Yes, this was happening.  Ah, sweet bliss.  Have I mentioned how much I love blanket time? :)  (but don't let the picture fool you....after this Elliana and Declan gave me plenty of opportunities to continue to train them in blanket time and obeying my directions)

On a blog I follow, I saw something called 12 months of sensory dough.  Each month they challenge you to make a new dough with your kids and then blog about it.  I have never made a homemade dough before, so I thought it would be fun to try and the blogging would keep me accountable!
Ally, you should probably join in:)  I will post more pictures about this on a separate post...
This month we made "foam dough"
cornstarch and shaving cream

but I would say it was a fail in my eyes when compared to the other blogs I looked at.  It didn't turn 'dough' like at all. But something messy, hands on, and new--that equaled a huge hit with the kids! It was fun to pretend it was snow!

The bike carrier came this week! They all loved it. 
Have I mentioned what a great daddy my children have? 

Sensory bins!

My window washers:) I told Brent--now that I have the kids helping me...some things are probably not going to look very clean even though they were just 'cleaned' :)

We found a nice toddler bed on craig's list for Raelynn.  We want to get her used to it for a little while before we move Elliana into her room.  Once Colt is sleeping through the night we'll move him into his own room and Elliana will have Raelynn's old crib.  Not sure how that will go! Our two chatter boxes in the same room!! Raelynn was WAY more excited that Elliana will be coming into her room than she was about the new bed.


I found both of these cuties like this! Declan in his little reading corner:)  And Elliana has turned into a little climber! She climbs on everything, but isn't quite walking yet. 
On Friday, Mimi arrived!  We are excited to have her here for a few weeks!!

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  1. The sensory thing sounds interesting! Will have to check it out!
    How cute about Raelynn having Elliana in her room! Ahhh craigslist, just wonderful!