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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Project 52: September 21-27

Monday morning Brent decided to take a surprise day off of work! We quickly packed a picnic lunch and told the kids we were going to drive to a surprise.  We drove to Canyon Lake, which is a perfect little beach and hang out for our family.  We were there one other time when Declan was a couple months old.  This time we found a spot with a little sand and the kids were so happy.  They love the beach and this was by far good enough for them!
Brent out with the three bigs and Colt enjoyed splashing at the water's edge

a picnic lunch!

so gorgeous!
This week for tot school was "red bird"in our Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See? unit.  While the twins were sleeping, Raelynn was allowed to play with mommy's lipstick and we gave each other kisses that were 'red'.  She loved kissing my cheek to leave a mark! It was definitely fun for both of us.

We practically did have a little preschool one day this week.  We were able to watch the Olmstead children and had fun playing and doing crafts!
She doesn't like to eat her vegetables on her own, but when big brother feeds them to her she scarfs them down!
While Daddy and Raelynn were at the ASU game we went on a wagon ride to the park

still wearing his brown bear hat and really wanted to feed the bear

Raelynn and I had fun building this one day this week.  She always stays up about 45 minutes after the twins for nap.  I had a basket of laundry to fold.  She asked me to play trains.  She wins.  The laundry will always be there.
crushing corn flakes for birds nest cookies
Someone has Mr. fussy pants lately.  He likes to sit (or stand!) at my feet and legs and fuss while I clean up dinner.  I want him up at my view, but he can't sit in bumbo and he doesn't know enough to stay put on the counter....so into the sink it is! And a water popsicle for the teething.  :)

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  1. Oh those pictures from the lake are beautiful! Glad it is so close to enjoy a beach! What a fun surprise from Brent too! Love those lipstick pictures with Raelynn! So sweet! What a fun special time together! Nice train set up...its great when you have so many pieces to make a nice big track! Colt is too cute sitting in the sink! I would say, Mom's can be some of the most clever people. Good thinking!