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Monday, October 20, 2014

Project 52: September 28-October 4

 Sunday Snapshot:
I think this may be one of my favorite ones yet:)
Everyone going for a ride! Colt didn't last too long
Brent ordered this shirt through an adoption fundraiser several weeks ago.  It finally arrived so of course the other kids wanted to put their Superman shirts on, too! :) 

The highchair takes up a lot of room because it can't be pushed under the table.  So, we made the big switch this week--Raelynn now just sits on a chair with no booster (how is she getting so old?!) and Colt switched to a booster that has a tray on it.  The tray can come off between meals so the chair can be pushed in.

We planted a tree in the backyard this week.  With all the rain, it was nice and easy to dig a hole.  The hole was there for a couple days before Brent picked up the tree. The kids enjoyed playing in the hole!
the tree! (will get about 12-15 feet tall and has yellow flowers)
I love this picture! I had put a little french braid at her hairline and was using the camera to show her.  She had this silly little face and we were cracking up! She is such a goofy girl:)

All the rain made for some big puddles in the backyard.  Brent hauled in some fresh dirt to dry it up a bit and level off the ground before planting winter grass.  The kids LOVED playing in the dirt--and it was nice because it fell off much better than sand.
Loving the weather!
p"take our picture!"
We did yellow duck in tot school this week, so we ended the week with a picnic at Freestone Park where we fed the ducks! It was so fun and we plan to do it again soon!

We had some Coldstone gift cards, so we thought that would be fun for after the park.  The kids loved it, of course!!

Saturday Daddy left very early to go to the ASU game in California with Uncle Kyle, so Jackson and Harper came came over to play and we ended up having a picnic lunch outside! Even Colt enjoyed it:)

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  1. What a fun week! I love how colt is barely hanging on during the sheet pull by dad! Excited for you about the tree! And that smile on Declan's face while sitting in the hole is too cute!Love the picnic pictures too!