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Monday, October 28, 2013

Tot School: Fruit of the Spirit (Intro, Love, Joy)

Tot School: Fruit of the Spirit
Letter Focus: Letter F, Letter L, Letter J
Fruit Focus: Memorizing Galatians 5:22-23, Love, Joy
Age: 32 months

I had planned to use Intentional Homeschool's Fruit of the Spirit Curriculum, which is fabulous, but I ended up not using as much as I originally planned.  They have their curriculum broken up differently than I decided I wanted to do.  I did use a few of their printables, but I decided I wanted to focus on each fruit individually so I had to come up with some different ideas on my own.  I also got some great ideas from Oh Amanda's blog.

Also, with the weather being so awesome and the grass fully grown in the backyard, we're spending a lot of time outside instead of doing tot school every day, so we didn't do a whole lot this week.

Monday is sweeping day, so that means it is also sensory bin day! Since we didn't have letters this week as we have in the past I just gave Raelynn free play with the rice.  She loved the timer she found in there.  Declan had mashed potatoes and did a great job, too.


I wanted to do a lot of alphabet review along with the Fruit of the Spirit.  This is a puzzle I found at a garage sale!

We listened to Crazy Praise Vol 2. "Fruit of the Spirit" song A LOT this week! One of the printables from Intentional Homeschool is the fruit.  I taped to popsicle sticks and she loved holding them as she sang along.  After listening to the song just a couple times she had 6 of the 9 fruits memorized!
Hear the song here

This is a fun file folder game that is similar to shadow matching. Printables from Christian Preschool Printables

I used packaging tape to tape the 'shadows' down on the folder then cut the fruit out to be matched on top. She did this many times this week.

F is for Fruit:

We stuck with a 'fruit' theme this week and used it to practice counting and sorting.

Counting apples on the tree from Little Learning Lovies

F is for FRUIT loops!
First she SORTED on paint samples:
Next she COUNTED each color:
Then she LACED onto a pipe cleaner to practice motor development.  This kept her busy for a while and she loved it because she knew she was going to get to eat it after.

Her pretty bracelet:

While she was learning her letters, I loved using ABC Find It printables from1plus1plus1equals1.com

So I just pulled them out of the file and focused on learning the lowercase f this week.
F is for frog:
printable from Intentional Homeschool.  First time she had done the dot markers for these pages.  They worked well! I think after doing these through the alphabet she is a bit bored of them, so she liked the switch up of the markers.
Declan is doing so well with this puzzle.

F is for Fruit:

I chose the fruit out of our plastic food set.  First, she CUT.
Next, she MATCHED back together.
Then she MATCHED to a picture:

I found some great learning apps on the ipad that were all about fruit.
Little brother on the cutting action:

I printed several of this page off for the week.  One day I colored their faces and she had to match to color the rest.  This day she was coloring as she pleased.  Another day she did dot markers.

Counting practice:
This is just cardstock with numbers and I traced around a nickle
Little Brother stacking the beads

L is for Love:

We have a heart stamp that she did in one of the cherries and in the other she did thumb prints. We were making thumbprint hearts.
L is for Lamb:
Dot marking the lambs.  We focused on lowercase L and talked about God's love for us and the love we should have for others

J is for Joy:

I love this picture of Raelynn:)  She knew right away that the banana looked like a smile. (this idea came from Oh Amanda.  I wouldn't have been clever enough to think of this on my own!)
We did notice that the banana looks like a J!  I made a dot page for her since there wasn't a printable.

And of course we sang "I've got the Joy, Joy, Joy, Joy, down in my heart!"
she's singing "and I'm so happy, so very happy..."
Another printable from Christian Preschool Printables:
She was doing so well matching the colors to the correct fruit without me even telling her to do that. But then she just got carried away with the green:)

I read an idea online that you could trace the child's body and put it on the wall and when they showed the fruit of the Spirit you taped the fruit to their body.  I didn't think that would work for a 2 year old, but I did think she would like to trace her arm/hand to make a tree! We talked about fruit growing on trees and she could relate because she likes to pick apples from Grandma and Tank's tree!
As we focused on a new fruit of the Spirit, she colored it and taped it up.

 We had a field trip to Superstition Ranch Market this week! I had been wanting to go for so long because I know their fruit prices are outstanding.  It's not really close to our house though, so we went on a day that Daddy worked from home.  It was fun (and their prices ARE amazing!) and we got a lot of great fruit we wouldn't normally buy from the store.
It was a fun week of introducing the fruit of the Spirit to Raelynn.  It was especially neat when she told her daddy at dinner one night after saying the verse for him that "the fruit is in me when God is in my heart."  Hey, I think that's pretty great to come out of a 2 year old:)  And it sure does provide great study and reflection for mommy as I teach her, too!  Next week we will focus on Peace and Patience!

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  1. I love what you did! So much better than the original curriculum! Great job being so creative and making things work and fit in so well!