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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Project 52: week thirty-eight

March 2-8, 2014
Sunday Snapshot: 
snapped at the perfect time!! :)
Would you just look at this girl? Such a little ham! She simply melts my heart over and over again.  She is saying "cheeeeeese" in this photo because she loves the camera! Not sure why but she started putting her hands up like 'touchdown' when she says it.   
This week, on March 4 marked eight months that Elliana was home.  If you remember, she was eight months old (well, one week shy of it) when she came home. That means the amount of time she was without her family she has been with her family! A pretty special milestone!! And now every moment for the rest of her life she will be with us longer than she was not. 

I simply cannot believe that God has given us this gift in Elliana.  He is so gracious and I am so grateful.  I get to be her mama and I love her more and more each day.  Words just cannot describe it.

Oh, Raelynn.  Such a goof! She is really into making 'silly faces' as she calls them.  She learned then from her teenage uncles!

This week we made cinnamon rolls! Love the bread machine to whip up some dough and it gives us a great activity to do together.  When food is involved it is always a win!


A peek into life:
All four:)  When Colt is down for tummy time it's always a rush over to see how he is doing. 
"Does he have his paci? Is he warm enough? He needs is mirror! He needs kisses!" And of course someone should climb on him as well.  His siblings take very good care of him:)

Little miss silly faces always wants to take a picture of mommy.  So rather just a picture of me...we did a silly face selfie:)
Embracing the camera to remember this silly face stage of my sweet girl.

My first trip to grocery shop with all four! So glad our Walmart has the Sam's Club next door so I can use their cart:)  it went great until the check out....Declan decided he needed to give Elliana hugs, which she wasn't too excited about. And as any big brother would, when he knew it was bugging her he kept doing it! Note to self: save snack for the checkout 

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  1. Love that picture of Brent and Colt! Such a good one!
    A tip a mom gave me for shopping with the kids and when the car seat is in the cart: get one or two of those shopping baskets, whoever many can fit and put them at the bottom of the cart on that little shelf and then fill those up with cans and little things! I have done it a few times now and it really is helpful!