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Friday, August 22, 2014

Made: Laundry Detergent

If you know me well, you know I'm all about saving money.  And doing things myself. 
A couple friends have recently asked me for the recipe for making laundry detergent.  It was time for me to make it again so I figured I'd snap a couple pictures and post the recipe here.
I only make it about 2 times a year.  I make enough to fill my little ASU pail, which sits on my dryer.  I used to make a larger batch that lasted me about 9 months and kept it in a big plastic container.
It definitely saves money.  It is super easy.  My only downside is that it doesn't leave my clothes smelling super duper detergent smelly--because I like that.  But some people don't.  And it definitely cleans our clothes, so I sacrifice the delicious smell in order to save some cash.
I don't remember where I got this recipe from.  I definitely have tweaked it, but it still works and cleans well!
1 box Baking Soda
1 box Washing Soda
1 box Borax
1 bar Fels-Napa Soap (I use 2)
1 box Oxi Clean (optional, but I like to add it)
Purex or Tide Crystals (purely for smell! So I buy whichever one I have a coupon for)
Grate soap.  I use my food processor.
Find little helpers if you have them around.  But remind them it isn't cheese;)
Add Borax to the bin first, then baking soda, then the soap and other add ins.
Mix well.  My recipe called for 2 Tablespoons per load.  I use the scooper from the Oxi Clean--one per load, but sometimes two depending on what it is, how big it is, and how dirty it is!
I also use Melaleuca stain remover and it works AMAZING!  I can hook you up with a rep if you want to buy some;)


  1. Do you have a high efficiency washer? Do you know if it works with that kind?

    1. I do not have one...and I don't know anything about them so I guess I am no help! Sorry! But I bet you could find a recipe online that would work.