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Friday, August 22, 2014

Made: More Quiet Book Pages

More pages added to the quiet book!
I'm thankful for a friend sharing her quiet book with me for more ideas! There were some I had not thought of and they were nice and easy to copy:)  Thanks Kristin!
Chalk Board Page:
I bought chalkboard fabric (which was much cheaper than I expected!) and cut it to fit the page as I wanted.  I actually made three of these pages so all the kids could draw at the same time.  I put a little hot glue down to secure the fabric then I did use my sewing machine to straight stitch on the edge. To finish it I cut felt and hot glued that down to make a nice looking border.  The pocket is just a piece of felt to hold the chalk and a loose piece of felt to use as an eraser.  It works really well!
House of Shapes:

The house and tree trunk are glued down.  The other pieces have Velcro and an outline on the page so the child can match the shapes and complete the picture.  The only thing I didn't trace was the cloud.  Raelynn has enjoyed putting the cloud in different places on the picture.

Zipper Page:
I bought the cheapest zippers they had at the store.  So they aren't pretty colors, but the others didn't fit on the page.  I used the sewing machine for this one, as I figured with tugging toddler fingers that would be the best way for it to hold up over time.

Painting Page:
I didn't know if this would really interest the kids.  It's supposed to be a pretend paint, but if they can't see a picture being made I didn't think it would be super fun.  So to add a little extra to it, I just cut two pieces of each color.  I hot glued one down to the pallet and the other I added Velcro to.  So it turned this page into a color matching activity as well as the pretend painting! 

To secure the paint brush, I cut two strips of white felt and hot glued down.

Cookie Counting Page:
I love this one!! There are different amounts of sprinkles on each cookie.  There are numbers on each circle on the cookie sheet.  The child counts the sprinkles and matches to the number on the cookie sheet.  This is also a page that a child who doesn't know how to count or know the numbers can still do by just matching the cookies into the circles.

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  1. These all turned out GREAT!! Nice job! Hope your kids enjoy them!! :)