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Monday, August 25, 2014

Savings Catcher

My husband said I was over-excited, but come on, when you get an email that says "You saved $0.96 cents" who wouldn't respond with "Wow! That's great news!"? 

That was my reaction.  Yes, I just saved (almost) a dollar.  But the more exciting part was that it worked.  I now had my proof! 

Want to save some money too?

This only works if you shop at Walmart.  I have no idea if it is new or old, but I just heard of it last week while I was shopping.  It is called Savings Catcher.  Here are the details:

1. It basically does the ad matching for you.

2. You purchase your items at Walmart and then there are two ways to log your purchase--with your smart phone or online.

3. To do it with your smart phone, download the Walmart App.  The Savings Catcher will appear on the home page of the app.  Otherwise you can go to the Walmart website and do it there too.

4. Scan your receipt.

5. That's it! Now it uploads your receipt in the program so you have it for reference.  It will take up to three days for it to search.

6. The Savings Catcher scans all the area stores around you for lower advertised prices.  If it finds one, it reimburses you the difference!!  FREE MONEY!

I do not plan to stop ad-matching.  I will still do the legwork ahead of time to get my prices in order.  However, this is helpful for the items that I didn't remember I needed and didn't look for a price to ad match.  It also helps because I only do the grocery ads....but last week my savings came from the CVS and Walgreens ads.

 Just now I got an email for another shopping trip that I saved another $0.98! This was on breakfast sausage.  It was on my list, but I planned to get Great Value brand because I thought it was going to be cheapest.  When I got to the store, The Jennie O brand was cheaper.  I didn't ad match it, but the Savings Catcher caught that it was on sale at Albertsons! Pretty awesome if you ask me.

So it does work.  I have my savings loaded on a gift card that I can use at the checkout.  It only takes a minute to scan the receipt and these are the little things I that excite me:)

Hope this helps save you money too! :)

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  1. Thanks for telling me about it! I got $0.97 the first time...and then the second time it was just under $4.00! I was shocked and so excited! And it really does take such little time to scan the receipt and then they do all the work for you!