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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Raelynn turns 3!

**this post has been in drafts because I never entered in the interview questions. It was all written just after her birthday but never published.  I finally typed in her answers to the interview questions! She was interviewed when she had turned 3*

I can't believe my first born baby is 3 years old! Raelynn is a sweetheart.  She is our little encourager--always encouraging her siblings as well as mommy and daddy.  The best is when she tells mommy or daddy "good job showing self control in church." or "good job eating all your food."

She never leaves us with a dull moment and can always bring a smile to our face.  She lights up a room and with her adult-like conversation skills, she is always good to give us a laugh.

We have seen such a work in her life as she is showing obedience and learning self control.  She is the most hyper-active child I know. So it is so encouraging to see her developing self control and an attention span.

She often shows a sincere love and care for others.  She loves her family and friends and talks about them all the time. 

She loves to do crafts, tot school, bake, and clean with mommy.  She is the 'big helper' and loads the laundry all by herself! With three younger siblings, she has really proven to be a huge help to mommy.
She loves to wrestle, go on bike rides, and go to the ASU games with daddy.  She is a huge ASU fan already--which we would expect nothing less.

We have hot air balloons fly over our house (and even land in the field in the neighborhood sometimes!) every weekend.  She gets SO excited when she sees one and has come to love hot air balloons. She kept saying she wanted one for Christmas, so that is how I had the idea to do a hot air balloon birthday party for her. 

Her birthday was on a Friday and daddy took the day off work.  We attempted to go to Jambo Amusement Park but it had closed down, so we had to do a last minute decision to switch to Chuck-E-Cheese.  We planned a special dinner for her--homemade pizza! She loves to build the pizzas with all the toppings, so we knew she'd like it.

On Saturday, we celebrated her birthday with her friends.  She gets to choose the friends she wanted to invite, which are her few friends from church and her cousins. We had it at a park and the hit of the party was sending off our own 'hot air balloons' (Chinese lanterns) into the sky.

Here are the highlights:

I wanted to do a set of questions for each birthday once our kids turn 3.  Hopefully I will remember to keep up with them each year and we can laugh and see how the answers change over the years:)
1. My favorite color is: blue
2. My favorite toy is: Minnie
3. My favorite food is: popcorn
4. One food that I really don't like is: corn
5. My favorite thing to watch on tv is: basketball
6. I am really good at: singing
7. My favorite holiday is: Christmas
8. The snack I like the best is: raisins
9. My favorite thing to drink is: orange juice
10. The coolest person on earth is: Jesus
11. My favorite song is: Let It Go (from Frozen)
12. The book I am loving right now is: Sophie's Colors (a library book we just read)
13. My best friend is: Jackson
14. My favorite sport is: ASU
15. My favorite thing to learn about in school is: giraffes
16. Something Mom and Dad always say is: "Good-bye! We're going to a restaurant"
17. At night, I like to sleep with: panties and my doll
18. My favorite place to go is: the park
19. If I could go anywhere in the world, I would go to: the park/zoo
20. My best memory is: pushing my feet on the wall/sleepovers


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  1. Glad you didn't just for go posting it...those questions are so cute and I love her answers! Love the idea! I may have to do this too! :) I love her answer to #16! haha!