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Friday, July 12, 2013

Day eight- July 12

Happy Friday! July 12, 2013

Today is Brent's last day off before going back to work:(  But at least he gets to work from home next week M-W and he took Th-F off.  Then starting the following week it will be back to normal schedule--except a very exciting change, is he gets to work two days from home now every week! Instead of just Monday, Brent will work from home on Thursday also!!!  We are praising God for this--it came at the perfect time:)

Elliana woke at 12:30am and ate, woke at 3:30am and was soothed with no eating, then woke at 5:30am to eat again. So it was another pretty good night.

Started off the morning with Johnny Jump Up!  Elliana did MUCH better in it today! And was even pushing up and down a couple times.

Big Brother checking in and saying hi!

Then nap time. It's great because Elliana and Declan seem to be on the same schedule!! And I just can't get enough of nap time pictures! She is so sweet when she sleeps.  And this is how I found her today! haha.  Just like Declan used to do.  I had to check her belly to make sure she was breathing.  I hate when they do this!

Today is Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-Fil-A! We didn't plan to go, but decided that we just couldn't miss it.  So while Declan and Elliana stayed home and napped with Daddy, the rest of us went shopping and out to lunch!  Don't worry, we brought daddy home some, too!

Cow Appreciation Day 2013
 Last year, Cow Appreciation Day fell on Declan's due date! Fun to look back and see how much Raelynn has changed...and instead of 40 weeks pregnant, this year I'm 20 weeks:)

Cow Appreciation Day 2012
Thank you Chick-Fil-A, for your generosity and delicious food!!!

And you know what shopping means--coordinating outfits and a photo shoot! :)
(We sure missed you, baby Del!)

Elliana had about enough at this point.

love how Raelynn is looking at her little sister here, trying to comfort her

Mommy's favorite shots:

maybe one day we'll get one of them both looking and smiling together!

ending with a kiss!

Elliana definitely had enough at this point! And Raelynn looks like she is about to eat her face.

As I said, Elliana and Declan seem to be on the same schedule and it is great that their afternoon nap lines up with their big sister's! All three kids napping at the same time....ahhhh. As I type this the only sound I hear is what seems to be the beach:) crashing waves and seagulls. (the noisemaker coming from our bedroom)

Today they hammered in the sign in our front yard.  Crazy!!

Elliana did great with solids today.  She loves the carrots!

Daddy set up a fort of some empty boxes for the kids to get in....funny though, I think he is the one in it here:)

Friday night is usually family movie night together.  This week in school Raelynn is learning the letter L, so we watched the Lion King! I made them pause the movie so I could get a picture...they don't look too happy about that, do they?
Elliana's first family movie night:)

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