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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Day seven- July 11

Thursday, July 11, 2013

One week down! Last Thursday we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of Brent and Elliana at the airport. Elliana has been doing so well, all to the praise of God and has made progress in different things in just the short time she has been home.

Last night marks two nights in a row of sleeping all night! Woke up at 11:15pm and then again at 6:15am. Gave her a bottle and then put her back in the pack n play and she was fine with no crying. We don't know if she was just quiet or sleeping though. We had to get up for an appointment at 7:45, and she was wide eyed awake when we got her.

Raelynn spent the morning with Grandma and Declan stayed home with Mimi. Elliana had her first doctor appointment and they were very impressed with her size and condition. They agreed that she seems like a happy baby.

Elliana is 50th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height!!!

Of course she has some delays, but overall they were very impressed and we can credit that to our wonderful agency!! As hard as it is to see the conditions that we leave our child in after court, we know that they do the absolute best they can with what they have.  We also trust in our Lord and know that they are in His hand and He has ultimate control over their protection.

We continue to work on strengthening her legs and having her sit up.  She is 'talking' a lot, tracking well, grabbing at toys, and showing emotions (smiling, laughing, and yes-she gets quite angry, too!)  You can tell her favorite position is to be laying on her back--as she has been for the past seven months.  So we are trying to force tummy time--which is much harder once they can roll!! 

Elliana fell asleep in the car on the way home, until of course we picked up her sister:)  She always fills our car with song and conversation:)  But Elliana is doing great in the car-another thing we didn't know how it would go since she hadn't been in a car seat before!

We put Elliana down in her crib today, then brought Declan in later.  I was able to sneak in for some photos:)  We had planned on keeping them in the same room, but now that we have a bigger house, we will be able to separate them.  We plan to move Elliana to her room once we get to the new house, but we'll see how that goes.

I'm so happy I got at least one picture of this before we move.  So sweet.  But as sweet as it is, I'm glad they will be in separate rooms! Don't need babies waking up babies!!

After lunch, Mimi took Raelynn grocery shopping.  Since both babies were napping, we were able to pack some more.  We have our final walk through on Tuesday! We were talking today about how bittersweet it is.  We are so excited to move and start new memories in a new home, but this is the house we came home to when we were married and started raising a family in.  All of our memories of Raelynn and Declan as a baby will be here. We are so grateful for this home and the memories the Lord has blessed us with.

Does it look like progress? Because it is!!!  But we also have every closet filled with boxes and our master floor is covered with boxes.....and they are all full! Can't imagine moving out of a bigger home that you've lived in longer than 5 years.

Daddy fed Elliana rice cereal today.  She did so well, he even made more! She would have just kept eating it and eating it.  We think maybe they did give her solids and we had just not been making it thick enough before.  She is lunging for the spoon here.

She loves to eat, just like her brother and sister!

The rest of the day was just hanging out, trying to have Elliana do tummy time.  She really likes the wipes bag and it motivated her to stay on her tummy and REACH!

she does this cute thing laying on her side a lot


Like I said yesterday, these two have such a cute relationship.  Here Declan was touching her hair and cracking up!

She likes it when Daddy hangs her upside down!

Daddy kisses
 Since Elliana did so well with cereal today, we moved on to carrots!!  She did well!!
Today's highlight was BATH TIME!!!  We put Elliana in the bumbo and in the big tub with the other two.  We weren't sure how it would go.....
But as you can tell, she loved it!! :)

Of course I wasn't quite able to get a good picture, so maybe next time. Bathtub pics are my favorite!

caught Raelynn mid sneeze, even though it looks like a pouty face! haha


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  1. Those kiddos are cookies & cream! I looooove it!