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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Day One- July 5

Friday, July 5, 2013

We got home from the airport last night around 10:30pm--after making a pit stop at In N Out for Brent:) 
We talked all about the trip and I held Elliana and gave her a bottle in the chair.  We all finally went to bed around midnight.  Elliana woke up at 3am then again at about 6am.  It's all such a blur because I was so tired and as I fed her a bottle in the chair, she fell asleep and I woke up with my chin in my chest and an aching neck--so I know I did too!  When Elliana is asleep in the middle of the night, she went back in the pack n play real easy. 
in her pack n play for the first night
Once she was up and finished her bottle at 6:30, she wasn't interested in going back to sleep though.  Declan woke up around the same time and I got my first glimpse into the craziness of having all these littles:)  I was thankful Raelynn slept in later than usual.  I got Declan his breakfast and wore Elliana in the ergo.  She loves it! We played and they had great interactions.  Declan is always smiling at Elliana...and then he tries to smash her and poke her face:)  He also likes to steal her bottle and any toy that she is holding.
Declan went down for a morning nap.  Elliana didn't.  She would fall asleep while I held her but as soon as she was put down she cried.  So I got to snuggle and hold her a lot:)  During Declan's nap, Raelynn woke up.  She had breakfast and then Mimi and Auntie Dre came to get her and take her grocery shopping.  I was able to lay on the couch for a few minutes before Elliana woke up.  Didn't get a nap in, but it was still nice to just lay and cuddle with my new baby girl. 
Brent was able to get some sleep in the day, and woke up around 3pm.  He had such a whirlwind of a trip and didn't get any sleep for various reasons. 
someone else wanted in the ergo....gee, I wonder why?! ;)
All day long I attempted to clean the bottles in the sink and knew I needed to empty the dishwasher.  So that was finally accomplished when Raelynn was napping and Brent was up to hold Elliana.  Those bottles are stacking up quick with two babies using them and Elliana eating so frequently!!
Elliana finally took her first real nap of the day around 4pm. 
Mimi and Auntie Dre dropped off dinner for us at 6pm--what a huge blessing that was!  While we were eating, Elliana woke up and Brent fed her a bottle with us at the dinner table. 
Our first dinner as a family
After dinner we played for a bit and the older two went to bed.  Then I finally got around to cleaning up the kitchen.  After that I decided we'd be eating on paper plates for the next few weeks:)  But playing with my children on the floor was far more important than the kitchen at that moment!!
Daddy reading to his girls...love how they are both looking at him.  They are so blessed to have him!!
We gave Elliana another bottle around 8:30 and she fell asleep for the night.  She woke up again several times in the night, but again--it's all such a blur.  Brent was burning up last night and had a temp of 103.3 but also had the chills.  Hopefully his body is fighting whatever is getting to him and he can adjust back to normal soon.
Overall, it was such a wonderful day! Elliana is a happy baby, yet she fusses when she is put down.  She really likes being held and being with us.  This is completely opposite of what we had expected! Now that she is getting the affection, attention, and physical contact that her body had been craving for the last 7.5 months, it is all she wants! And we are ok with that for now:)


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  1. I loved reading about your first full day as a family of five! I am impressed that you found time to blog so well about it, too :-) Praying for you guys as you find your new norm. Many blessings to you, friend! So thankful God allowed our paths to cross through this crazy awesome road of adoption.