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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Day five -July 9

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The nights just get better and better! Last night, Elliana slept great! As I said, she went down with out having a bottle immediately before bed and she was awake when we put her down. She went down at 8pm and woke up for the first time at 11:45pm. We soothed her, which wasnt helping, until Brent started saying "Elli-Elli-Elliana" over and over in a crazy loud high pitched voice. (I know some of you can picture this...probably if you are his family) he also jiggled the pack n play, so we'll have to try that combo again and see if it is really the trick. Brent really is a baby whisperer though, and those that know how amazing he is with children know what I'm talking about!

Elliana did wake up not long after, around 1:30am, which we figured she would because she would want to eat. So she did eat then went back down. She woke again at 3:40am, ate and went right back down. Then at 6:15 she woke again and Brent got up (gotta have him feed her when I can! Soon he will be going back to work!) he said she took one ounce then fell back asleep.....which is why she then woke at 6:40 wanting more. **so originally I typed that she went back to sleep until 9:30, but apparently Brent was up with her from 6:40-8:15, THEN she went back to sleep:)** oops! Well, what a guy I have, letting me sleep a bit:)

We had a great morning of playing on the ground and reading stories. Declan and Raelynn are loving the boxes all over the house! They like to draw on them.

Elliana was very content for quite a while on the floor today. She is rolling all over the place and interacting with toys. She found this cow that makes a crinkling sound and chewed on that for a while!

Mimi came to pick up Raelynn again today to take her swimming and for lunch. Mama was able to clean the bathrooms and do some laundry. Our current house goes on the market today, so we need to keep it clean!

Elliana went down for a nap I the pack in play at 12:17. ( I know the exact time because I was timing how long she would cry!) at 12:21 I peeked in and she was holding her paci up and making her own little noises--she had already calmed down and stopped crying! Praise God!
She woke up at 2:30!!

We put both older kids down for naps and Brent wore Elliana around in the ergo while we packed up boxes.

Gave Elliana some rice cereal again...she did better today! Then she just rolled around on the floor for a while. She was very content there, so we just let her play and explore.

This girl loves her feet!

Attempted a nap at 4, but it was unsuccessful then we didnt want her to nap once it hit 5pm, so we just got her up.

Mimi and papa came over around 5:30 with dinner and we all ate here together. While papa was grilling chicken outside, we put Elliana in the swing for the first time. She enjoyed it! Raelynn liked pushing her, and can do it much easier than with her brother.

During dinner we had Elliana in the bouncer with vibrations on. She fell asleep:)

We changed her into pjs and let her play (or rather, get crawled on by her brother) and then put her to bed very awake. She didnt make a peep!

We just keep praising God for the gift of Elliana to our family and are so thankful everything appears to be going well. All siblings are getting along great and she seems to love being around us and in the action...because there really isn't a dull moment around here!













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