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Monday, July 1, 2013

New News

Since the adoption of Elliana is coming to an end, I thought it would be fun to keep up with the blog (haha, a lofty goal!) and just post about our everyday, crazy, busy, fun filled life!
I also will be posting what we do in tot school because I have already learned how forgetful I am as I try to remember back just a couple weeks what I was teaching Raelynn. So how am I supposed to remember it when that time rolls around for the other kiddos?!
And I know how blessed I am to see other bloggers ideas to help build upon and create my own (or sometimes just straight up copy!!) so if I can even help one person, then hey, that's a bonus!

I don't know the proper way to give credit where it is due, and sometimes I don't even know! But if I can, I will. This is honestly what has stopped me from posting about projects or activities we do! On other blogs they always link it back to the source...well, that probably won't happen here. So hopefully I don't go to jail. But most likely I didn't come up with the idea on my own and I can help you track it down if you'd like! :) (most likely it was Pinterest!)

I am also going to do a "project 52" starting Friday July 5, 2013. I got the idea from my friend's blog (see, I should insert one of those links now to take you to her blog) and I knew that when Elliana was home I wanted to start it. Even if it is the only post of the week, every Friday I will post one photo of each child. It will be fun to look back through the posts as the year(s) passes.

So, our first non-adoption related posting is this:
It's a boy!!!
Due November 29, 2013.....yep, just two weeks after Elliana will turn one:)

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  1. I like your idea for the blog!!! :)
    And I am excited for you documenting Tot school. Just the few pictures on Facebook and all your pins on Pinterest have been fun and I get excited for the future of learning with my kids. So thank you for putting up whatever you might get up!

    YAY!! It's a boy!!