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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day six- July 10

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Today Elliana is 8 months old!

Elliana celebrated by sleeping SO WELL last night! I'm convinced that either one of us got up with her and we don't remember it or we slept through her crying.  But with her set of lungs, I don't think that would be possible, considering she is in the same room as us.

Elliana woke at 11:15pm and then not again until 6:30am!!! Let's hope this is a new trend:)

Brent is a sweetheart and got up with all the kids today and made everyone breakfast.  I woke up just in time to join them:)

After breakfast we had Elliana's little 8 month photo shoot:

"hey, that's my bumbo!"
This is a big cheesy grin on Declan's face.  It looks like he is about to cry, but he loves to touch Elliana's hair and then gets this huge smile on his face!

Here is a look at the past few months:

And here she is today! In my opinion, which I know is a little biased, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter:)


After breakfast, Raelynn went to Mimi and Papa's house again.  We were able to get some things packed up and the two littles played together.  They have such a cute relationship.

Aunt Rissa and Grandma came over with lunch for us and a visit to see Elliana.  Yummy Someburros!! :)

All the kids took a nap...and so did mommy:) Then we continued packing.  We are making a lot of progress. Can't believe in one week we'll be closing on our house!

I came across a box of Raelynn's old shoes I had set aside for when Elliana came home.  I wasn't sure if they would fit so I tried them on today.  She was infatuated with them!  She had been talking and talking on the floor and then when I put those on her she just stopped making all noises and starred at them and tried to figure them out.  I'm sure the only other time she had shoes on was when they dressed her up to meet us in April.

The highlight of the day today was big man's hair cut.  I had cut his bangs a few weeks ago, but his hair was hanging over his ears and that had to go.  I wasn't about to put this trimmer on his head, so it was Daddy to the rescue! 


Elliana watched the action from the discovery center.  She played so well in here today.  We aren't sure how to have her strengthen her legs, so we are putting her in here often so she will learn to push up. 

Declan got a little snack while he sat in the barber's chair

Snack time! We did rice cereal again and Elliana did much better today.  I made it quite a bit thicker than I had been and she ate it all up so well.  She even whined a bit when it was gone. 
I was trying to get a picture while feeding her, which wasn't the easiest.  But she would grab my finger and the spoon and pull it in. 
she had quite the grip on my finger!

And then I just let her explore the spoon...


Mimi and Papa came over for dinner again tonight because Papa leaves in the morning.  He flies back to Michigan but Mimi will stay for a little longer.

We had T-Bone for dinner....

And Papa reading Raelynn some stories before bed...

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