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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Project 52: week fourteen

September 29-October 5

Finally cooler weather! We were able to go to the park on Sunday evening.  We have many parks in our neighborhood to choose from.  They all vary a little bit and some are better for the younger kids than others.  We found one pretty close to us that is great for our kids. They loved it!
Someone is pretty brave! She also went down head first!

Raelynn climbed up these little steps and was SO excited about it! :)

This is where Elliana hung out at the park

Oh my sweet boy.  He is just getting sweeter with each day.  Declan is feeling better now! We are still tracking what he's eating as we introduce new things back in.  He is still obsessed with bananas! He even went to his book when we got home from the store and opened it up to point to the banana in it.  I hadn't unloaded them yet, so he was telling me what he wanted.  He's babbling ALL the time and pointing at everything.  He's favorite words right now are 'woof woof' whenever he sees or hears Ike.

Elliana has had a WONDERFUL week, praise the Lord! Just wonderful!
She actually slept through the night from 8pm to 6am a couple days.  She continues to allow us to comfort her and gets SO excited when Daddy walks through the door after work.  She ate really well this week too, keeping her hands down most of the time and opening her mouth well.

 And of course....she has learned TOUCHDOWN!  She mimics everything we do and say, which is really neat.  She says mama and dada and we think she may even be associating it with us.  She has started to say Ike this week and is making some animal noises (when mimicking after us).  I think Elliana and her older sister are going to be competing who can talk the most!
I could see her foot through the monitor and had to go see it...looks pretty comfortable, doesn't it?!


It was like Elliana had forgotten or just was refusing to stand on her legs last week.  This week she seemed to be doing better again.  She likes to crawl onto us when we are on the floor.  We are continuing to try to work with her to stand.  She still has a long way to go before pulling herself up and walking. But at least this week she was standing again!

Declan got a gift card to Lakeshore Learning for his birthday from Grandma and Tank.  Mommy was finally able to get there to get some great things! This set of gears is one of the things I got and all the kids love it and were playing with it together.
Happy Girl!! :)  You can see her little teeth poking through..

 This poor girl gets tackled all the time!  We did a lot of wrestling time on the floor this week:) They are all so wild and we have so much fun after dinner just playing on the floor as a family.

More sibling "love" here another night this week--Kisses for Dec and kisses for Elliana! These two are so cute to each other and are often playing together


Raelynn--loves to be messy! She absolutely loved chicken drumsticks this week for dinner.  She ate this one and then wanted to munch on daddy's too! Raelynn continues to be a big helper in every way she can.  She is also miss independent! She loves to dress herself, she is potty trained fully during the day, and she moves her little stool around so she can do things on her own.  She ALWAYS has something to say and it usually is always something that makes us laugh and smile.  She's a riot.

We went to the park this week with some friends from church. 

We have GRASS!!!! YAY!!! It has sprouted:)

 A glimpse into our craziness---mommy in chair feeding Elliana a bottle.  Declan climbed in the box on his own and was stuck.  It was quite entertaining to watch him get out.  And there is Raelynn wearing her brother's shorts backward jumping on the box.  Never a dull moment!

 On October 4, Elliana was home 3 months! WOW! We had the opportunity to attend a Crisis Pregnancy Center benefit event where Voddie Baucham was the keynote speaker.  We are big fans of Voddie and his teaching and preaching.  We were able to talk to him for a second after the event and had to get a picture with him and Elliana.  We joked because we got a picture of John MacArthur holding Raelynn, so we had to get one with Voddie holding Elliana:) 
And, to our delight, she cried when he held her:)  Funny to say that, but it is such a good sign! She was doing great all night--no crying at all.  Then daddy handed her off and she looked up at him and cried.  As soon as she got back to daddy she clung on so tight.  Such a good sign of her attachment.

And to wrap up the week, we had the big ASU vs. Notre Dame game.  We had a great time at Kyle and Ashley's house with friends and all the little cousins running around.  Here are some fun pictures from the night:

Kids all loaded (Raelynn's carseat was in Daddy's car) and ready to go....but daddy and uncle Kyle were talking in the driveway....so while they were talking, the kids were enjoying themselves in the van jumping and climbing all over!


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