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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Tot School: Letter Y

Tot School: Letter Y
Age: 33 months

This week we focused on yellow as a theme to go along with the letter Y.  Raelynn had already known the letter, so we did some review activities and learned about new things like yaks, yachts, and yo-yo!

Y is for Yellow:

Y is for Yogurt and Yellow pineapple!

Using yellow flowers to practice numbers

I am so blessed to have a friend with such a kind heart and love for others.  Always thinking of how to brighten the days of those around her.  Just being a friend and a part of my life would be enough for her to do because she is so special! My friend Ally sent me 'sunshine in a bag' a couple weeks ago and the yellow items really came in handy this week:)

We did several sorting activities this week.  Here is one from 3dinosaurs.com (same link as in W is for White)

Y is for Yak:

I cut the pieces out and was curious how she would copy the picture, so I gave her all the materials and let her go!

Love how it turned out:)  The best part is that the little black circles she put behind the eyes were meant to be the nostrils...but she put them behind the eyes.

But notice now there are nostrils! After she made the smile on the Yak she said she needed more black for 'those things'.  We talked about nostrils--a body part that she had never learned before

Starfall app on the ipad.  She LOVES this!!!!

Y is for Yellow:
 On a scavenger hunt for yellow Ys.

 This is a Melissa and Doug toy that I'm a big fan of.  She decided to get a little creative with her colors this time:) I think she just wanted to be done!

Y is for Yolk:

We made sure to have eggs this week! We hard boiled them as well as had them over-easy and talked about the yellow yolk.

 Y is for Yarn:

Pretty boring that I only had white yarn, but oh well! She still liked gluing the pieces on. 



Y is for Yo-Yo:

Vocabulary words this week were 'toys' theme.  She knew all the toys so she enjoyed looking at the letters and 'reading' the words.
 Color matching yo-yos.  She was pretty wild with her colors this week.  Sometimes she is really into this activity and other times not so much.  I found fruity cheerios at the store and have been using those in our activities.  So she only wanted to color the ones that matched the cheerios:)

ABC review:
Alphabet Fishing Game:
This is something I'd been wanting to make for a long time but knew she wouldn't be ready.  I do need to actually make it using a real dowel, but for this week a ruler would do. 
 She had a little trouble getting them off, I made the string way too long!
 She matched them all and named all the letters as we put them on.  She liked it, but by the last few letters she started using her hand...which was fine with me!

Shape Review:
Shape sorting--we bought this activity with Grandma and Tank's gift card to Lakeshore Learning.  I know it will come in handy for Declan when we start shapes with him soon.  After she sorted the buttons, she dumped them (of course!) and we picked up all the 'little' ones first then the 'big' ones to practice sizing.
In any spare time Declan has he is reading! He is constantly bringing us a book then will run to the recliner or if we are on the floor he will plop down in our lap.  When his crazy sister is running circles around the room, he will be found by the book bin just sitting quietly and point to the pictures.  So we do a lot of reading, which I know is the best activity there is!  He also tried this again this week...did a little better, but I still need to figure out how to get that stick to stay put.  Maybe I will try play dough under the egg carton next time:) 

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  1. What fun activities! :) I love the magnet fishing rod with the alphabet! Very neat!