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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tot School: Letter X

Tot School: Letter X
Age: 33 months

X is a hard letter! Not a whole lot that begins with X.  As Raelynn is getting older, she is learning the letter on the first day of the week (or actually the end of the prior week because she always asks what is the next letter we are learning:)

I had to get a little creative and chose some words with the X in them, but not necessarily that it starts with X.  And we also did a lot of reviewing all the letters this week.  We'll do that for the next few weeks and really master the recognition of her letters.

We did a lot of reading this week as well.  She has a renewed love for books lately.

Learning the letter X in the letter box.  She lined this up on her own and was counting them as she put them back in.  YAY! :)

X is for xylophone:
After she made her own xylophone, we listened to one play on the ipad
and she pretended to play along


 Busy Bag to review colors and motor development--matching colors

X Shadow Matching from 1plus1plus1equals1

We played with the alphabet floor puzzle almost every day this week! We did different things like running to the letter mommy said, putting them in alphabetical order, putting the letters in the puzzle, she would yell a letter and I would run to it, we threw our sparky doll up in the air and where he landed she said the letter, matching the letter from her wooden puzzle to the floor puzzle....

F is for Fox
Saw this on pinterest for the letter F, so I just tweeked it a bit to work for us this week.  She enjoyed how it went with the book we read and Mr Fox went with her everywhere this week. (Gotta love Kohl's $5 book deals!!!)

Watching Sesame Street X-ray clip on the ipad. And we LOVE the starfall app for letters. She does that each week too.

X is for X-ray:

And how perfect that this was the week mommy had to get an 'x-ray' of my belly so we could see baby brother's bones.  Such a neat real life experience for the letter x!
We talked a lot this week about bones, as she was learning about them for the first time.  She had lots of questions:)


X is for x-ray fish:
We didn't do anything to focus on the actual fish, just the x-ray part


After reading Fox in Socks one day we played with the box.  She put the fox in the box and then she decided she needed to get in the box! It made for a cute picture:)

Reviewing shapes:
Was excited to see this time that she can actually name all the shapes.  She could only take the cheerio off if she told me the right name.  Rectangle still gets her confused, but other than that she did perfect!
 X is for SIX:
Learning Numbers:
Together, we slowly counted and put a cheerio on each number.  Then we went back and counted as she took them off to eat.
I tried to focus on the number 6 a bit this week.  She recognizes and names numbers 1-5, so I think after we complete the alphabet we will focus on numbers.

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