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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Made: Crib Sheet

We are decorating Declan's room with all Brent's ASU memorabilia and decor.  It's coming together very well, but his bed sheets were still matching his old room set, which is now Elliana's and she of course needs them.

So this called for an ASU crib sheet!  I made one for Declan's room before he was born and had been intending to make more but somehow time has gotten away from me. 
These are SO easy to make.  I know some of you out there have babies or toddlers, so go find your favorite (or your kids' favorite) fabric and get to work. You can do it over the course of a couple nap times:)

Sewing machine
2 yards fabric
20 inches skinny elastic (1/4 inch)
Safety pin

1. Wash and dry fabric. I went over with an iron a bit too since it sat in a pile in the laundry basket for a day or two. The only time I will iron a bed sheet! :)

2. Cut your 2 yards of fabric to be 42" x 67" (or 43" is fine, but mine shrunk to 42)

3. Measure 7 3/4" x 7 3/4" square and cut in each corner. I measured a paper then traced over that with my rotary cutter. I suppose you could fold and just cut once, but that makes me nervous! 

The corners will each look like this. Now we make a new corner that will fold over the mattress.

4. Fold ugly sides together of each corner and pin. Sew a straight stitch along that edge, making your new corner.

When it is sewn and turned right side out it will look like this. It should have a little pointed corner.

All four corners sewn. Almost done.

5. Iron a little pocket around the entire edge that the elastic will go in. Like a hem.  I made mine 1/2 inch all the way around. I would suggest going a little more at the seams of the corners because its hard to slide that safety pun through.

No need to pin all the way around, but do pin two pins for a start and end spot. You need to leave that open for the elastic to feed through.

6. Start at one pin and see all the way around. Stay close to the edge so the elastic will fit through.

7. Pin a safety pin on one end of the elastic and feed it through. Yup, just like those pesky sweatshirts that lose their pull strings in the washer. Time consuming. Google voddie baucham's adoption sermon and turn that on. I bet you will finish before it is over.

8. Back to the sewing machine. Overlap the elastic and sew over it to secure

8. Last step is to just sew the opening closed. The trick here is keep the elastic high up so you don't run that under the needle. 

Then put it on the crib! :)

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  1. It really is that easy!!! WOW! If only I had a sewing machine! :) nice work!!