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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Tot School: Letter V

Tot School: Letter V
Age: 32 months

Do a Dot Painting:

Learning this week's letter by gluing:

V is for Veggie Tales:

Raelynn has never been one to watch movies, and Veggie Tales is no exception.  I have rented them before and she just isn't interested.  I rented a couple again this week and they did keep her attention for a little while because the entire time she was asking me the characters names.
Something that kept her attention ALL week and for good amounts of time was CUTTING!!! We introduced scissors for the first time.  She did great! She kept cutting scraps of paper and would say "I'm cutting this one for Papa."  "I'm cutting this one for Mimi."  One time I threw it away and she found it in the trash.  Oops! She wasn't too pleased with me! :)
V is for Violin:
We listened to violin music on the ipad and then we made a rubber band "violin" with a loaf pan.  Declan and Elliana enjoyed it too.
V is for Vegetable:
Was planning to paint with veggies this week, but we didn't get to it.  We read A LOT of books about veggies though!
V is for Volcano:
Cutting the "lava"


What would be better than having our own volcano for V week?!  I thought she was a bit young for building a paper mache volcano and erupting it with baking soda.  We'll save that for science down the road.  But the Mentos and Soda method worked perfect! She loved it! This is the tail end of it...it really shoots high up.

Purposeful Play:

Cut a hole in a milk jug.  I used to give Raelynn bells and marbles to play with, but the babies got plastic spoons and popsicle sticks.  They did great!!


"Wipe" Pulling--a favorite activity!  This post explains how to fold the cloth
Pulling cloth out of the container.

Using tongs to sort the puff balls into the matching color hole.  The tongs came with another learning toy, so they are meant for kids. 


My friend Ally had her son doing this while learning circles.  I thought it would be good for Declan for motor skills.

He only did it about one time then he just played with the pencils! They came out too easily from the Styrofoam egg carton.  I will have to think of another way!

Stacking Pegs--Declan does these so well

Lacing cut up paper toilet rolls and pool noodles onto a lace.  I tied a popsicle stick to the end so they don't fall off

He is my concentrator.  My calm and collected child.  Captures him perfect here!


  1. How fun, the volcano!! I bet they loved it! :)
    And I should have mentioned the pencil issue. Ryken picked them out of the egg carton right away too! :)

  2. What a fun letter! :-) Love that pic of Dec sitting and reading. Looks so big here!