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Friday, September 20, 2013

Tot School: Tot Book

There are a few favorite websites I use for printables for tot school.  When I first start looking, many months ago, I saw all the printable packs called "tot books" and "lap books" but knew we weren't at that stage yet.

Well, since we were on letter V this week, I thought we would try the Veggie Tales lap book.  It's design is intended to help toddlers learn and review concepts while looking at something they enjoy.  That's why most of the "books" are based on a children's book, movie, tv character, or themed for a season.  

I wanted it to be something that Raelynn could look at while I was feeding a baby, making my grocery list, or prepping dinner. Something that she can sit and do at the kitchen table right next to me, but not requiring me to help her with the concepts.  

It worked well! While I'm feeding Elliana in her highchair, Raelynn can sit next to us and look at her book. We can talk about the colors and shapes while she is doing the turning of the pages. So she is still getting some attention while I'm focused on another task. 
She never looked at it for too long, and it was no surprise.  That's just not who she is.  But I don't mind taking the time to assemble it because I think Declan will sit and look at it and enjoy it for longer periods of time. And that time isn't too far off for him!

Here is the link: Veggie Tales Tot Book

1. Print out your pages and laminate any you choose.

1. Cut a file folder in half, lengthwise (not down the fold!)

2. Now you have two tot books

3. Fold the outsides in to center

4. Place your printed pieces in the folder so they all fit and you can still close it. (Some books have additional items, so they would have to go on front or back)

5. Glue pieces where you want them and write title on front

Here is a look at this specific tot book:

It reviews colors.  There were a couple blank squares so I added blue, pink, and brown.  You fold those in an accordion after they are glued.

Reviews Shapes in a little booklet that you staple to the folder.

Where are the Veggies? shows concepts of placement words (up, under, beside, etc.)

Hi, I'm Larry, What's your Name?  (There were no instructions, so I thought I would just put letters on for review.  Then afterward I realized you are supposed to write the letters of the child's name!! haha, oops!)

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