"Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ, just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we would be holy and blameless before Him. In love He predestined us to adoption as sons through Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the kind intention of His will, to the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved." Ephesians 1:3-6

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Project 52: week ten

August 31-September 5
We went to the splash pad at San Tan Village on Saturday. It was a lot of fun!
Sunday Snapshot:
Our family at Elliana's welcoming party at Grandma and Tank's house
 Labor Day we did some things around the house and made major improvements!  Mommy sewed and Daddy hung some things during naptimes.  It was so nice to have Daddy home an extra day.

I looked up online all these nifty tricks how to hang a gallery wall--but this fella used the good ole fashioned way--a tape measure:)

Raelynn keeps saying "Uh-Oh Spaghetti-O, Raelynn is upside down" haha

Wednesday was a long day with 3 sick kids in one form or another.  Elliana was throwing up, so that was the worst.  It was a movie kind of day and when Daddy got home, Declan was still in his pj shirt--which I always tease Daddy because when he is home, he leaves them in jammies all day but I like to get them dressed in their clothes:) 

On her second bath of the day!  Very hard to get vomit out of her hair! She sure loves the bath though.

God gave me much much much grace that day and we made light of the situation and had a good day.  I had told Brent the night before that I couldn't handle another day of being inside all day so I had it in my mind that I would take the three kids to go return some things and look around the store leisurely for a little outing. However, my plans of getting out of the house was quickly placed on a shelf for another day.  Running into CVS with three kids just for pedialite wasn't the errand I had in mind, so I was extremely grateful when Grandma dropped some off to us.
All three kids got the "special drink" as Raelynn likes to call it:)  And Elliana was doing better by the evening.

Isn't it a little bittersweet--I know, it's awful--but I know some of you mamas can relate--when your littles are sick and they just let you cuddle with them? :)  Especially my two year old who is a bundle of energy and never sits still.  And it was sweet that Elliana was allowing me to soothe her and comfort her.  She allowed me to rock her to sleep and then when I put her on my shoulder, she just laid there with her head down.  So sweet.  So sickness stinks, but I am thankful for the sweet moments God gave me this day. And for the grace he pours out.

her little hands peeking out of the swaddler are the cutest thing ever.

Wednesday was also the big Fantasy Football Draft day!  Whooo hooooo!!!!!!  (yes, that is sarcasm:)  I don't get into football quite like my hubby, but I do love that he has something he can enjoy with his friends.  And hopefully win a little money too!
My husband is the most selfless man.  He is so kind and always thinking of his family and putting us first.  He drove all the way home from Scottsdale just to see us for about 30 minutes then drove back up that way to go to the draft at a friend's house.  It means so much to me that he cares to see us and loves his children the way he does.  I am so blessed.  And when he gets home and he says, "Go get dinner.  Get out of the house for a few minutes since it's been a long day and you'll be here all night with the kids too."  So I enjoyed dinner with a gift card we had to Wendy's.  (He suggested Chili's or Applebee's to go, but fast food was just what this girl needed!)

And this was all that was left when I got home.  I enjoyed my meal in the car.  And didn't share my French fries with anyone.  Raelynn did get one when I got home though;)

I cannot give God enough thanks for the man he has put in place over me and my children.  I love him so much and could never do this without him. He always knows just what I need.

We had spaghetti this week and gave Elliana some noodles to play with.  They were a good sensory activity for her because they were so sticky.  She would get them in her mouth and suck them up, too!
An Elliana Update: 
I'm sure there are some of you out there praying for us.  Thank you. We covet your prayers.  We cannot heal our daughter's heart and pray that God would.  He alone can give her a new heart that worships and follows Him.  We pray she would know our love, but more importantly the love that comes from Christ. 
We have had some very special moments this week that make us think Elliana is beginning to recognize us as her parents.  On Sunday at church, a man was saying hi to her and she clung on to me real close.  Also on Sunday, while at a family gathering, when she was put down in the high chair she cried.  Daddy picked her up and she clung on real tight.  It was like she was overwhelmed by all the people and he was her safe place.  We had a really great week this week as we crossed the two month mark of her being home. 

The girls each had hand-me-downs from different people that were the same dress! Raelynn liked putting her hand in the pocket.

ASU had their season opener this week!  FINALLY.  I again, am not a fan like my husband, but I am glad that he has something he enjoys.  And he sure has trained his daughter to enjoy it too.  Declan loves to do "Touchdown" and I'm sure when he can talk he'll be talking about it just as much as his big sister.  But this game couldn't come soon enough.

Brent made the mistake did only what an excited person would do and told Raelynn that she was going to get to see Sparky "soon".  Soon. I know my little girl is a smarty, but she doesn't quite have the grasp of time. So every day I would hear "Can we go see Sparky now?  Go to ASU game today?" And since it was still a month away, I finally decided I better make a little countdown for her. 

Every day she would wake up and remember to do her "calendar" and "color the box" to get one day closer. And she wanted to wear the ASU dress Daddy bought her every. single. day.  He finally bought her one because she was pulling down our shirts and wearing them.  She does have one of mine that she likes to sleep in now:)  It's pretty cute though how much she loves ASU and Sparky.  I'm sure she makes her daddy proud.

making popcorn to take to the game!

Aunt Ashley sent me some photos from the game! 

Cousins Raelynn and Jackson at the game


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