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Monday, September 2, 2013

Tot School: Letter S

Tot School: Letter S
Raelynn: 30 months
Declan: 13 months
Elliana: 9 months

This week was letter S, but we still don't have printer ink so I haven't caught up for the rest of the alphabet!  So we stuck to mostly crafts this week and our usual letter activities, but nothing from the tot time notebook or extra pintables

S is for Stamping:.
Sensory Bin:
S is for Straw (and sand....but there was no way I was going to pour my sand in a bucket for her to play with.  I did think about it.  more than once.  but I just didn't want to sweep up sand.)
S is also for Seahorse! See her shirt?  and we found a great book by Eric Carle at the library about a seahorse
S is for Snowman:
Love seeing her create:)  I pulled up a picture on the ipad of a snowman and gave her the supplies.  I drew 3 circles on the paper and she placed everything on.  :)
S is for Sunshine:
Glued yellow paper to clothespins (I knew the glue would
 easily peel off so we could re-use pins for the future, too!)
Painted the paper plate yellow

Then she clipped the clothespins around the circle.  Great practice for motor development! She's definitely getting better at the clothespins as time goes on.
This week we finished our Kumon "Let's Cut and Paste" book.  This was actually the second book of a two book series, so I will have to get her the first one because she looooooves gluing!
Playdough: We'll give it a try!
I wasn't sure what Declan would do with it, but thought we'd try it out.  He liked taking it out of the container and he did stick a couple popsicle sticks in.

Then he just put the empty cups on his hands and thought that was pretty fun:)

Playdough: S is for Straw

Raelynn loved this! once she got all these straws in, I got her more! It was an easy thing for her to do with the playdough

S is for Seashell:

Once again, I contemplated getting out the sand....but just. couldn't. do. it.
So we counted shells instead and talked about the different textures.  She liked touching them.

S is for Snake:

S is for Star:
She was to find the Ss on the page and put a star on them.  She was deep in thought here...
S is for Cookie....no it's not.  But mommy thought we needed some cookie dough:)
so fun!
Such a great gift idea for a toddler--cookie cutter alphabet letters! :)  She got them for a gift from Grandpa Bill and it has all the numbers and a ton of shapes.  Great for playdough and for cookies:)
Mama's favorite:) Such a sweetheart.
Tiny Tot Time:
Puff balls are great! Declan loves putting them in this container. He is getting pretty fast so I will make a new container with a smaller hole to help work on his motor skills while he pushes it in more.  Right now he just drops it with no problems.
We have saved this container from our Christmas stocking last year.  Raelynn enjoyed it and Declan loves it even more.  I see them at Walmart for 99cents around the holidays.  It's supposed to turn into a bank after the candy is gone, but this is much better for a toddler game! :)

He opened his mouth so wide each time he put the popsicle stick in

Elliana exploring her senses:


I created a felt board a while ago with an old cork board I had from my classroom.  Just went to JoAnn Fabric and bought felt by the yard and covered it.  We had it hanging on the wall at the old house, and I have a spot picked out for the wall here, but we just haven't hung it yet. 

I used a die-cut Ellison machine from an elementary school I was substitute teaching at to make different shapes.  We have fish and flowers, a bunch of shapes I cut by hand, and some animals that I made.  Raelynn has never shown a ton of interest, but Declan and Elliana both liked it a lot!  Maybe now that Raelynn is older she will like it more.  She was napping when we were playing with it here.

Elliana did a great job of taking them off the board.
Declan liked taking them off and he would try to put them back up, too.

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