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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Tot School: Letter U

Tot School: Letter U
Age: 32 months
It was another rough week in our house this week! Declan has been sick and needing a lot of attention.  We have watched a lot of movies and done a lot of rocking in the chair this week!!
So, as a result, Raelynn just did a lot of busy activities this week.  Still lots of learning going on, but we didn't do a lot of U focused activities.  I wasn't concerned because she already knew the letter U from....yes, you guessed it--ASU:)
Rice bin with letter puzzle
U is for Umbrella: 
 (and how perfect that it rained this week and we actually got to use an umbrella!!)
Painting the coffee filter for the umbrella
Ripped pieces of blue paper for the rain
She is coloring SO well these days!!!  Usually we use the puff ball magnets on this page, but she wanted to color it this week.
Search for the letter U:
These are just stickers that came with some scrapbooking stuff.  We pull them out once in a while and she 'searches' for the letters and colors them.  She likes it! She even points out other letters as she is doing it, which is fine by me.
U is for Unicorn:

Reviewing the letters we have learned:
This printable can be found directly here at 3 Dinosaurs. (Scroll down to ABC puzzles-there are lots to choose from!)
 I printed on cardstock and laminated.  It would have been nice to do on magnets.  Maybe once we get the alphabet complete I will glue some to the back of each one.
U is for ASU!

U is for Udder:
Raelynn knows what a cow is, but now she knows where the milk comes from too!  We looked at cows online and then she colored some pictures.  The lacing activity is a Melissa and Doug activity that came with several animals.  She does very well with them.  She can lace them, just not in a perfect row yet.
Her new favorite activity:
Wow, she LOVES this! It has been probably 6 months since I have got the beans out for her.  She used to play with them, but not for long and she wouldn't transfer or sort or count.  She has had this tray out for the past few days on the table in the front room.  She will go in there BY HERSELF and play with them!  This just never happens! So I am very excited about it!!! And she is using the spoon and counting and doing all sorts of great things with them! :)
We made sure to get this book from the library this week! They don't have it for every letter, but they do have it for a lot of them. 
U is for Under:
I placed a bunch of bowls around the room and then handed her toys and said "put this under the ____ bowl"
Good practice for "under" as well as listening skills:)
Also good practice for patience with her siblings, because as soon as she put it under, they were tipping the bowl over to take it out!
Then we practiced stacking the bowls to "nest" back together.

We put toys 'under' things around the room.  She thought this was hilarious!

Declan was having fun stacking the bowls on the ground too, so I gave him some Tupperware.  he did a great job of matching lids on the correct bowls!

U is for Urchin:

Didn't do much with Urchin other than this do a dot page, which she did with the puff ball magnets

Gluing the U scrapbook papers into the shape of a U


U is for Underwater:
Saw this on pinterest.  She LOVED this! anything with googly eyes is a good activity for her.
We also rented Underwater Adventures from the library to watch 

U is for Up:
She loves balloons! She liked this a lot.  I had to keep adding strings because she wanted to make more balloons:)
I had requested the movie Up from the library, but we never made it there to pick it up due to sickness:(  There are also a lot of books with the title Up.

Here is Declan again with his mouth open while concentrating:)  This is a great activity and I even thought of it on my own! (I've since seen it on pinterest though:) An old Tastefully Simple seasoning bottle is perfect for putting straws in.  Raelynn liked it when she was younger as well.

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  1. For not "doing" much... you still did a lot! :) I see Raelynn had her sea horse shirt on too while doing underwater and urchain!! Loved the idea of the bowl upside down!
    Oh your kids are cute! Can't wait to see what a cutie the little brother will be!