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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Made: Easy Patriotic Art

Not only is this EASY but for my friend and I, it was FREE! :) And that, in my book, is the best! 
My friend Anna and I have been enjoying crafting together while we chat.  Our mission is always something that can be completed in one 3 hour sitting and won't cost much.
I had an idea of paint stick art after seeing a picture on instagram.  The picture I saw was of something the person made using vinyl and a silhouette machine. I knew that wouldn't work for us, but it got the wheels spinning.
This is one of those "I-thought-of-it-on-my-own-but-when-I-looked-on-pinterest-I-found-it" type of ideas. Ever had one of those?
We didn't follow a tutorial at all.  We made it up as we went and we are very pleased with the results!! :)
Materials needed:
Red paint
White paint
Blue paint
Paint sticks (we used 7)
white foam sheet (or wooden stars or star stencil)
hot glue
I looked for wooden stars that we could paint white but I didn't find any.  We had some white foam left from our patriotic wreaths we made last month, so we used that for the stars.  We used the small star cookie-cutter for the stencil.
We decided we liked the look of seven sticks so it was rectangle.
Paint sticks red and white ***I forgot to paint the blue square the first time.  Tried to paint over and didn't like it, so thankfully we had extra sticks I could use.  I used a piece of tape to make a straight edge and painted blue.

We used a saw to cut two sticks down so they would fit the back.  To assemble, put hot glue on the support sticks and press the painted sticks on. 

Secure stars with hot glue and display!

Total cost for us was: ZERO dollars! (because I already had paint and the foam for stars)

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  1. How fun, easy and cute!! You ladies nailed it on this one!