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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Project 52: week fifty

June 1-7, 2014
Sunday Snapshot:
When all the kids wake from nap and we aren't finished with the garage....just make it a pool party!
This weekend's project was cleaning the garage! Our Easter decorations were still sitting in a pile to be put away because the box it went in was buried under other boxes.  We have a lot of Christmas decorations that take up a lot of boxes! So as Brent was putting away the Easter decorations for me he decided it was time to build some shelving. 

So proud of his handiwork! He built these right into the studs in the wall so they are super secure and give us SO much more space!! With two double strollers, a tricycle, toddler bike, adult bike and baby cart for the back, we need all the space we can get!

His next project is going to be suspended shelving from the ceiling so we can store the kids' clothes in plastic bins up there!
Colt supervising his older siblings
Sunday night Tank and Grandma came over to pick up Raelynn for a sleepover.  But Tank couldn't get away without reading Frozen to the kids!!
This week in our "tot school" time we are reading "The Snowy Day" as well as "Frozen" so we had to have a snow ball fight of our own.  SO FUN! The kids enjoyed it for a while...but I think mommy and daddy had the most fun!
My teammates taking a break to taste a snowball (aka marshmallow!)
 This kid.  One of a kind, he is.  And I can't believe he is going to be two years old next month.  Declan is such a super kid.  He is talking more and more every day.  It is so sweet to see how he loves others--especially his sister and best friend, Elliana.  He shows love to all, but with her he has a very special relationship.  He looks out for her like a big brother.  He is always often sharing his toy or snack with her without prompting.  If I give him a drink or snack his first reaction is "yana?" And she is who he asks for when he wakes up and walks down stairs looking for her.  
He loves reaching for "ights" ALL the time now.  Our lights are constantly flickering:)  Declan is also showing his obedience when I say "clean up" and that is all I have to say and he is picking up all the food from the play kitchen set or all the blocks from his building set.  I don't have to give him specifics--he sees it and does it.  Sometimes I will grow impatient wondering why he isn't coming downstairs when I told him to or coming to sit at the table because he is still in the other room--and I will go check and he is picking up his toys! He likes to please his mama!
We LOVE our little pool! The kids get in it almost every day and every night after dinner!
Frozen is everywhere....this makes the kids excited about going grocery shopping! :)
We have started a new little family tradition at Grandma and Tank's house called "Swim and Din" on Friday nights.  We were happy Kyle and Ashley were back after 5 weeks in Ethiopia and we could all be together!
The water was a little cooler than mama's liking, so we hung out in the little pool which feels warmer!

Grandma enjoying all the grandkids together again
Saturday we went to a Diamondbacks game as a family.  The kids did well and it was a lot of fun!

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  1. Looks like a fun and productive week! Way to go on organizing so much! It always feels wonderful when it is complete! Way to go Mr. Fix it! What a fun summer tradition of the Swim and Din! :)
    Love the family picture at the game!