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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Project 52: week fifty one

 June 8-14, 2014
We have started to attend something fun offered through the town called Wiggle Worms.  It's held in a gymnasium with a bunch of play toys, balls, hoops, tunnels, etc. for the kids to run around with.  We like it a lot!

This boy is officially a sitter!! Doing so well and sitting up big before he is six months old.
Love his expression here:)
He LOVES the chewbeads I have.  I wear them as a necklace, but it's also his favorite teether to play with at home.

Oh the craziness.....

Colt also likes the jumper! We have had to move it to the upstairs doorway that is much wider than the downstairs closet.
Love it when they are playing together:) (Yes, my son is dressing up a doll...but it's Anna, so it's ok right?)

Good thing she is a cutie:) caught red-handed on the table with the napkins everywhere.  While I was cleaning them up she got one and ripped it...it was entertaining her so I didn't mind.  Then she tried making me laugh by doing this.  And of course her brother was copying her!

This big boy turned six months on the 10th!  He is getting up on his knees once in a while and will rock.

The twins of my heart...always making me smile. I hope they will always have this special bond.

I walked into the kitchen and found them like this. And usually if there is a pile, one is usually screaming...but they were just cracking up!

And soon there will be a forth on there!
Saturday we gave Colt oatmeal for the first time.  He surprised us by being our best eater so far! He opened wide and ate it all...no spitting out!  We have had him on the table with us since he could sit in the bumbo, so we think it may be that.  He sits each meal and watches five other people eating.  He was excited to finally have a turn!
Friday swim and din at Grandma and Tank's house...keeping warm after pool time!

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  1. How fun...the wiggle worms thing! That's really nice -especially as it gets hotter and hotter outside. Way to go Colt sitting up so big! I love the picture of Colt peeking out the top of the tunnel - too funny! The twins are just too sweet. Love the stories you share about them! Glad Colt loves food - He's a Frazey - of course he does! :)
    Love the kids in their towels! It is the sweetest picture!