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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Project 52: week forty-nine

May 25-31, 2014
Sunday Snapshot
This is one of my favorites! Declan smirking a bit and Everyone is looking:)

My helpers in the kitchen prepping our side dish for a Memorial Day party.



Happy Memorial Day!

We went to a party at the Gonzales' house! The kids loved playing in the pool. Declan was so brave--as soon as he saw an older boy go off the diving board he marched right up there all by himself and wanted to jump off! No fear!  He did it over and over again! Here he is just jumping off the side, which he loved too!

Colt is getting so big! He is sitting up better and better, but still falls over if not propped up with the boppy around him.  He enjoys the jumper so much! The only door frame it works in downstairs is the front closet, so it is nice to have him in there while I play with the kids on the floor.  But soon as he jumps more he will  bonk his head!
Enjoying a 'water popsicle' for his teething gums.

fresh and clean!!
Colt enjoys the swing! It's hard to capture a smile though while he is moving.
The twins of my heart. 
This picture would be much more entertaining if Colt was screaming his head off, I'm sure.  Mama was so grateful that even though I forgot his paci in the car, Colt fell asleep.  This. Never. Happens.  Normally he has a very hard time falling asleep even with a paci. 
So this is us in the store and me snapping a photo of Colt sleeping to send to daddy.  And what do I notice on the screen in the back ground? These two.  So hilarious.  Declan kept feeding her the cheese and then they would crack up.  He would put it in her mouth and then pull it out and say "no no no" and they would laugh.  That was, until she turned her head and he poked her in the eye with the corner of the cheese wrapper (ouch!).  Then she had burst into tears.  Very loud tears.
Enjoying another Saturday at a splash pad!!
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