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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Made: Quiet Book

I have had a quiet book on my to-do and to-make list for three years now-since raelynn was born! Then I realized she really wasn't into those kinds of activities so I wasn't ready to put in the effort yet.  Then Declan came along and is totally the type that likes the quiet book type of stuff and raelynn is to the age where she does too. We had a five hour car ride to California and have an airplane ride to michigan coming up, so I thought it was the perfect time to start! 

Here is what I have so far. This is a NO SEW quiet book!! (Ok, I did sew something, but you could totally use marker or pen instead. Or just do shapes instead of the balloons)

I was a little overwhelmed at the idea of cuttings felt into letters and numbers, but I knew I wanted to have those in the book. So finding these at Wal-Mart is really what motivated me to get started on this!
I think these letters is what makes it look neat and a clean finish. 
I used full white sheets of felt for the pages. I plan to put them in a three ring hard bound notebook. This is what works for our family because we have multiple toddlers who will want access to the book and this way when we are using it, the pages pop right out and in.  I decided to use one page per sheet and not put anything on the backside.

Counting Beads Page:

I glued the numbers on, counted out beads from my stash, glued one side of the ribbon down, strung on the beads, then sealed it with glue on the other side.

Ladybug Button Page:
After cutting out my pieces, I hand stitched the black buttons to the big peice of red. 
Next I glued the big red piece down on the white page, along with the legs and head. I later added eyes and the word "buttons" at the top.

I lined up the wing pieces and cut slits to match buttons. I glued the wings on--the right side is MUCH better than the left! I wasn't thinking ahead and I glued too much of the wing on the left side. It works fine, but is a tad harder to do.
All buttoned up:

Shape Puzzle Page:

Cut shapes from my felt scraps and added Velcro. The rough side of Velcro sticks to felt, so I didn't add the soft side at all.
I just traced the shape with a pen.

Balloon Color Match Page: (used sewing machine)

I cut out balloon shapes in a variety of colors. Cut out circles to match. Lined up carefully so it wouldn't interfere with the binder ring.

After deciding on my layout I glued top row of balloons down then straight stitched the strings with my sewing machine. This could be done with a pen, marker, or hand stitching. Or just alter this page to be circles only and no string needed!
Then I glued down my next row of balloons and continued...
I continued this until all my balloons were glued down and strings were sewn on.

I added the rough side only of the Velcro to the circle pieces so the kids can match the circles into the same colored balloon.

I'm hoping to get more pages done soon! For these I just did a quick search on Pinterest and altered what I found. I didn't copy any exactly the same, but made it to fit our needs and an easy new sew book.
I will post more photos as I get the pages completed, but I know some of you may want to make one so I didn't want to wait until I was done--because who knows how long it will take! 
The nice thing about the three ring binder is I can always be adding more as I have time.

So far the book has been a hit!! They like all the pages and even ask to play with it. I'm keeping it put away until our flight in August, then I plan to use it only at church! If it's only available to them at special times I think it will keep their interest better:)

If you have come across any no sew quiet book ideas, please link it in the comments or just explain it! I have a couple more ideas to do but would love some more:-)

I would suggest getting fabric scissors to cut. It gives the felt a nice clean edge.


  1. This is amazing! Very well done! I'll be interested to hear if the hot glue holds up to many hands over the months...

  2. Love this!! Ember calls her quiet book her "church book" because she only gets to use it at church. Hopefully the Bible will eventually be the "church book" but for now it keeps her very entertained! Here is my link to pictures of my quiet book I made!


    It was pretty much all no sew also and Ember enjoys it! She really loves the chalkboard one which is easy.... you can by chalk board fabric at the fabric store and glue it in the book!

    I bought a $10 book on Amazon about quiet books that had all the templates as printable s and instructions on how to do them! Made it really nice!

  3. Just make sure for the zipper page that you get big enough zippers. Mine are really hard to zip and up zip because once glued into the book they are pretty tight! Ember does like the painting page. It isn't her favorite though. Originally, the painting page was next to the chalk board page so she would use the paint brush sometimes to erase the chalk. But now that they are not next to each other.. she may not enjoy it as much! Glad you are a quiet book maker too! Always looking for new ideas to add in and keep it interesting! And I love even more that your ideas are "no sew" !!