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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Don't You Just Love Craigslist?!

Craigslist is such a wonderful invention.  I wanna give Craig a big shake of the hand.  It's especially wonderful when you live in such a populated area like Phoenix.
I have realized that it's better to search on there before buying practically anything because people are always selling stuff!  And we've been able to sell a few of our things as well.  Craigslist is just wonderful in my book.
We have been looking for a dresser since we moved in.  This is a perfect example of something that we didn't want to go buy brand new, but we still wanted something in nice condition.
Just about everyday I would get on to see what was added. 
We really wanted a shorter dresser because it was for Declan's room and we wanted to use it as a changing table once his brother is born.  The original plan was to have baby brother join Declan's room when he starts sleeping through the night.  But, we have changed our plan on that--instead, when we are ready to move baby brother out of our bedroom--probably around a month or so, unless he is a beast when he is born like his brother and won't even fit in the bassinet. Then he'll have to go sooner--we will move him into Elliana's room and Elliana will move into Raelynn's room so the sister's can share a room! We figure it will be easier to have a one and almost three year old share a room rather than putting a newborn in with anyone.
Anyway, I digress.  Back to the dresser.
We just weren't finding one that was in our price range.  Then the other night Brent and I sat down at the table for some ice cream.  I had emailed two people about their listing and checked to see if they wrote back. Then I got on the craigslist app to see if anything new was posted....
The posting had been up for 27 minutes when I saw it...
"Ikea Dresser-good condition, sitting on sidewalk.  Just come pick it up."
It was only a couple miles up the street, so Brent left right away.  We figured if he got there and it was already gone, it wasn't a big waste of time or gas.
But it was there!!  It's the exact same dresser we already have in Elliana's room, just a different color.  It is in perfect condition and just what we needed!  Such a huge blessing to us! And it didn't cost a dime.
It was just missing the bottom piece of wood that connects the two sides.
Brent bought a piece of wood, screwed it in each side and it is working perfectly in Declan's room.


Something else we found on Craigslist is this mirror.  I want to make our downstairs bathroom look nice because it is the one any guests will use and see.  One thing I wanted to do was change the mirror.  I priced mirrors at stores and they weren't super expensive, but still more than we really wanted to pay since it wasn't a necessary change.

I found this mirror, from Ikea originally, for $20 on Craigslist!  It is much much smaller than the mirror in there now, but I think it will work nicely.  Well, it will have to. :)
Here is what the mirror currently looks like.  Nothing bad about it, but it will really make it look nice with a new framed mirror. 
We are also going to paint the walls with the left over paint we have from the kitchen.  I found a gray and yellow rug and hand towels that will match perfect and be a nice flow into the bathroom, since it is right off the kitchen.
Pictures of the finished look will be posted soon:)

And I figured if I am taking a picture of a mirror,
I midaswell get a belly shot! 26 weeks!



  1. That will look awesome!

  2. How great! Craigslist really is a great asset!