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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Made: Maxi Skirt

Several months ago, I acquired 2 maxi dresses.  They were in a give-away bag from Marissa and Kacia and they let me have a look through before they took it off to give it away.  It had been given to them, and most all of the clothes were too big for all of us.  But, there were these cute maxi dresses in there, both far too big for me at the time, but I thought I would save them for maternity dresses the next time I was pregnant.  Well, the next time has arrived.  And they still are just too big, plus I'd want to wear a sweater over top and it's too hot for sweaters!

I'd been meaning to do this for a while, but well...had been a bit busy.  I had a great JoAnn coupon a couple weeks ago and went in for our home décor fabric and some ASU fabric for a crib sheet.  Figured I midaswell pick up some elastic to make some new skirts! 

This was super easy and super cheap!  Dresses were free and the elastic was like $3.00 with enough for 2 skirts.

So, if you have an old maxi in your closet that you just never wear or doesn't fit quite right, here is a tutorial to make a new skirt!  Or, you could just go pick some fabric and make it the length you want and sew it into a tube and hem the bottom.  But having a dress is way easier:)

First I cut the dress so the skirt would be the length I wanted.

Next, divide the elastic into fourths with pins. Also divide the skirt into fourths with pins. (I would actually recommend eighths.  I did that for my second skirt and it was much easier)

Match up the pins and attach elastic to skirt.  Doesn't have to be perfect since a shirt was going to go over top.

Then you just sew the elastic to the fabric.  It was a little tricky because you have to pull the elastic as you go.  That is why it is easier to do the eighths.  Make It-Love It is an awesome sewing blog and she has a tutorial here on how to make a skirt similar to this. 

And, viola...here it is! My 25 week belly and my new skirt:)

Finished product and a 25 week belly:


  1. LOVE!!!!!!! So cute. And your blog is getting so complex with tutes and links and all sorts of goodies :-)

    1. Thanks!! It's a fun way to journal for myself and share what is going on with us with everyone at the same time. Much easier this way! :)

  2. nice work! And I agree with Andrea! You are going to have a bunch of followers soon and be a big dog!
    Thank you for taking the time to put it all up! Cute belly too! :)

    1. Thanks! You are so funny! I hope I don't get a bunch of followers because then I'd actually have to make it professional and edit my posts and be a better writer. haha.