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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tot trays

Trays are fantastic!! They contain a mess...a little bit, anyway:)  No, they really do and they are really my life saver.  I have recently organized all our supplies into mason jars and placed them so they are very easily accessible.  I have two of these wooden trays and also use a cookie sheet.  I just dump the mason jar out on the tray and Raelynn knows the expectation is that the items stay on the tray.
Here is an example of the tray in use:
Using pipe cleaner to string beads.  And also please take note of her shirt--that would be mommy's shirt that Raelynn has been sleeping in (note the bed head as well).  She is TOTALLY obsessed with ASU right now.  Daddy went and bought her an ASU dress yesterday and she LOVES it!  She can't wait to see Sparky at the football games.  Every day, first thing she says is "ASU today?"  Sorry dear, 3 more weeks until the first game.  Oh brother, her daddy sure is doing a good job of brainwashing  training her to love ASU as much as he does:)
And you know where these trays came from???
Our engagement gift from my sister:)  How sweet was that?!  We didn't use them much for breakfast in bed, as I'm sure she had planned....but they sure are getting good use now. 

Simple wooden tray covered in craft paper.  We LOVE them!!!

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  1. Such a good idea that is very helpful! I will keep my eyes open at the thrift stores for these!