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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Tot School: Letter Q

Tot School: Letter Q
Age: 30 months
Now that you were bombarded with me catching up with tot school posts, we are on track!  This week was the letter Q and we did some fun things.  Raelynn kept calling the Q an O when she would see it outside of 'school' time.  I can understand why!
Q is for Q-Tip
Q-Tip painting.  I put just a little paint in the cap and she used the q-tip to paint.  She was more interested in changing to a new color than really making a picture. 
Q Stamping
Getting better at this with each week.  She was making some great impressions on the paper this time.

Sorting capital and lowercase Q from some scrapbooking pieces I have.  We do this almost every week.  She likes this because she gets to glue:)  This week she got them ALL right!!! yay!

Once the painting dried, we glued a large Q to it and she placed q-tips around it.  She really enjoyed this!
Shapes Practice
Can you tell she is excited?!?!  Anything with M&Ms makes her happy:)  This is one of the pages from 1plus1plus1equals1.com tot school printables.  We have this page for every letter of the alphabet and it goes in the tot time notebook.  Usually we have it in the page protector and try to draw the shape, point to the shapes as I call them out, or just talk about the pictures inside the shape.  But I had this idea with the candy this week--as I said the shape, she got to pick the M&M off that shape.  If it was right, she got to eat it!  It was sweet because this was a day Daddy worked from home and she offered him the candy on a few turns.  :)

In each of the shapes there is a picture to correspond with the object of the week.  This week was Q is for Queen

Baby Einstein book we look at and talk about the pictures
Tiny Tot Time!  Elliana didn't take good naps this week, so she got some sensory play in while we were at the table.  She loves exploring objects.

Daddy had his old bells out that he collected when he was young.  I stored some away in our supplies for the kids to play with.  They loved them!!

Got this great puzzle at the Dollar Store this week!! :)  Love finds like this!  It isn't magnetic like our alphabet one, but it is still GREAT!
"She's too busy learning, she'll never notice this one is missing"
And I'm also a sucker for the dollar bins at Target--come on, who isn't?!  I love back to school time there!!! :)  They always have great finds this time of year.
My finds:  pipe cleaner (but it seemed not so pokey on the ends, which I hate about pipe cleaner), alphabet and number stickers (5 sheets!!), 2 foam puzzles (ABC and numbers), 8 slot pocket chart (will hang this on the white board for sight words, rhyming words, matching, etc. when we start that down the road), and 2 workbooks (alphabet and numbers, also tucked away for the future when Rae starts writing)

Shadow matching cards-printable from 1plus1plus1equals1.com and is also a print out that we have for each week.  3 of the cards are color and 3 are the same picture but are black and white. The color has capital letter and the black and white has lower case.  I printed on cardstock and laminated.
Q is for Quarter
This took all my effort to allow her to do.  I hate touching change.  gross.  Just like I hate touching jewelry.  ick.

She is way too young to be teaching money concepts, but we just used this as a tool for sorting.  Sorting is always good for the brain! And it introduces her to the concepts that there is different kinds of money out there. 
Q is for Queen
This one I thought she would like more than she did.  She loved making it because it involved glue.  But she only wore the crown for a few minutes. 
I had the idea to make this a shape review as well by cutting out shapes and talking about them as she attached to the crown.
We had a lot of fun making it!

Oh this little girl!!!! Such a ham! Love her:)

And, as I said, she wasn't so into wearing the crown herself....but she did go put it on Ike! ha
Quiet Time-Busy Activity
I found these pattern blocks with magnets on the back at the dollar store last year.  They had been too small to have out on the fridge, so I had forgot we had them.  My nephew wanted to get them out the other day when he saw them, so I decided it was time to make them useful! Raelynn had never played with them to make shapes, so I made a sheet with the outlines of the shapes and she put them in the proper spots.  She liked it, but only did it one time then had enough.

love watching her brain figure out where they go

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