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Sunday, August 4, 2013

First Well Visit

Elliana had her 8/9 month well check visit with Dr. Chang on Wednesday, July 31. 

I of course forgot the shot record, so we have to go back on Monday for her immunizations....not excited for that! Declan has his one year well visit then, so she will just tag along with us.
She SCREAMED when he was checking her ears because we had to restrain her to keep her head still.  So I'm sure Monday will be no different.  Shots are the worst:(

Elliana weighed 18.3 pounds, which was the 50th percentile and her length was 28 inches, which was 75th percentile.  So she is a great size! 

Right now, Elliana is able to sit up unassisted very well. She is not starting to purposefully go forward to reach for things. Today she was even pulling on the shag carpet to try to get a toy. She buckles up her knees sometimes, but never goes anywhere.  She is very interested in the world around her, grabbing at everything in sight! She doesn't use her pitchers (finger and thumb) the best yet, but we are practicing. The doctor said she is at about a six month milestone marker based on the things she is able to do.  He referred us to a motor development program, so they should be contacting us soon to set up an appointment.  We are super happy with her progress since she has been home, even though  she isn't to a typical eight or nine month old.  We had expected that and think she is doing wonderful!!!

Pinching peas:

Grabbing puff balls and unifix cubes:

I need to google some ideas for developing motor skills, but if you have any ideas, please comment below for me! Or send me an email! 

We are also working on her standing up and sitting upright on her knees.  When we lock her knees for her, she is able to stand along the furniture now. And she does straighten her legs when we stand her up on our laps now. A thousand times better than one month ago!!!

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